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Book Review: 'Serpentine Blues' by Dr. Sigma

The other day when I was reading the newspaper I came across a woman who murdered her mother-in-law and sister-in-law over some issue. I was thinking deep down my heart, what sort of woman is this? Mercilessly taking life and acting god. Perhaps there were planned motives in her mind that led her to such tragic end. Women today undergo a lot of pain and suffering. Dr. Sigma in her poetry collection ‘Serpentine Blues’ wonderfully unwraps blues of love and insecurities.

Everyone one of us have to live our life in the best way possible and when we travel in our varied paths we come across situations of love, jealousy, hatred, joys, pain, suffering, betrayal, and most of all loneliness. Dr. Sigma explicates these facets in a subtle and simple manner. Her poems are very lucid and easy to read. She makes voluminous use of imagery and you are certain to picturize every bit of where she transports you to.

Serpentine Blues is a collection which actually hits you hard on certain issues. One can get a glimpse of the feminine voice through these poems. Dr. Sigma also uses mythology to involve the reader while reading her poems. She at times also strikes spiritual aspects of life. Complexities of relationship, ambiguities of life, Marriage are what concern every human being according to her. I liked her expressions like ‘who ultimately married fabulous words,’ ‘to give a noble certificate, for his wicked nature,’ ‘moonlit nights satisfied her lust,’ ‘A million web of troubled, episodes wander in her happy smile’ and many more.

I believe it is a scintillating collection of poems. It is not a jargon in any way. It is not so difficult to grasp but very technical in character. If you are a woman it is sure to inspire you and make you bold. If you are a man it is sure to inspire you to respect women and love them. Whoever you are, it will ask you and instruct you to revere the feminine gender. So take to reading this wonderful collection of poems Serpentine Blues.

The following is one of her poems:

Stream of thoughts

From the fantasy of a daydream she woke up, When a strong voice, requested her to give a window seat. she tamed him, then warned him with her looks. and she extended her looks to nowhere. Where she saw a duke who is jealous and mean... requested her to give a noble certificate for his wicked nature... She lost her blushed face brimming in dreams. Rhyming pattern of hearts melody builded anticipatory choices of life in one sided conversations with her natural simplicity... And ... And another 'she' threw her scattered life in perfect exhilaration with many 'him'... Yet another lady, drenched in passionate nuances of unknown male chauvinists, changed into a nymphomaniac. Finally,flight landed... And seat mate 'He' wished her all good things. She never answered him. with welled up eyes, She left to known destination May be he too...

© Dr. Sigma

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