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Book Review: 'Tale O’12' by Biranchi N Acharya

Biranchi N Acharya is an engineer and prolific blogger. No doubt he has the sense of looking at the world with a lot to learn from it. It is truly displayed in his recent book titled, “Tale O’12”. He is the author of ‘Encounter with Wisdom’ and in the present book too he doesn’t fail to present a package of wisdom that can help alter one’s perspective towards life and situations around.

The title of the book suggests that there are 12 tales within the book and it is well displayed by the cover design. The interior design of the book is smooth and the language employed by the author is flawless although you find similar thought processes and vocabulary being repeated in different tales. This was one of such books which gave me a fluent read. The book is edited well and helps the reader to stay tuned to the wisdom shared.

The book though termed fiction it also harbours self-help motives given the fact that the tales help one to alter attitude, thinking and perception of things around. As said earlier the book contains 12 tales some of them use the similar strategy of dialogue and reveal. At times they do not sound like stories but definite share pearls of great learning.

What fascinated me from this book is the first story titled, ‘the story of Snehalata’ it is impressive, brings about attitudinal change, teaches life lessons and makes us realize that we ought to make assessments after complete knowledge. Another story that struck a chord in me was, ‘the story behind 2 cups’ this story has a beautiful message to share, that, we ought to learn from every circumstance whether we are a winner or a loser.

You can certainly take on this book if you want to gain knowledge about politics, how to face danger and get rid of fear, to be cautious about the greed for money, and the various discussion we have about our religions. These themes are voluminously discussed in this book and this makes this book sensible and attractive to read. I had a marvelous time reading this, aren’t you interested to spend your time fruitfully? Read this book ‘Tale O’12’.

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