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Book Review: 'The Age of Aspiration' by Devinder Sharma

Unemployment is the cause of very many problems that India is facing today. To some extent, it also depends on individual’s caliber as to make the best of one’s career. In the light of this dilemma of unemployment and lack of job opportunities there came a wake of entrepreneurship. So we now have accustomed ourselves to terms like start up, entrepreneur etc. trending similar concept comes Devinder Sharma with his book ‘The Age of Aspiration.’

This book presents to us the story of how Indian Self Employment or entrepreneurship has helped many on the long run. This is a story of Ajay a software engineer from a very poor background who goes on to becoming big the stalwarts like Sathya Nadela and Sundar Pichai. The story transports one through self control of one’s sexual desires, mastering one’s ideas, becoming one with oneself, and a sense of maturity unmoved by any untoward situation.

The book is well written by Devinder and keeps you glued all through. The language is simple to understand. The cover is apt. the story can be related to as the setting is Indian. Though you do not belong to a business background you are sure to connect as they are technically and classically crafted by Devinder in his own subtle style. The numerous events that make the whole story going is beautiful but what disgusts at times is the fact that you are not able to remember the characters as they are plenty of them. The long sentences that make the description are also a drawback. But the story as such never makes you to think of these inconsistencies.

Devinder Sharma knows the art of storytelling no doubt and it definitely would come from his nature or liking for travelling across the world, that makes him to relate to varied cultures, traditions and mindsets.

Overall it is a wonderful read and if you want to know the Indian Software engineers life or for that matter the story of Indian Entrepreneurship you must read this book.

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