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Book Review: 'The Colour of Love' by Jagdish Joghee

‘The Colour of Love’ is a story of Sarfaraz and Meghna who are the protagonist of this novel. Jagdish Joghee has beautifully conceived this character who comes from a middle-class family with its orthodox customs and so on. The protagonist as brought up around value systems falls prey to searching what he feels more essential to him and that is love. So that gives us the glimpse of the genre of the novel i.e. romance.

The cover of the book is not that attractive but speaks for the genre. Language of the author is comprehensible and simple. The author in this novel deals with themes of inter-religious marriages, terrorism, seeking for love etc.

The story is simple though, it is predictable and given the fact that the industry is booming with romantic novels, this story stands no different except for the fact that it deals very interestingly with inter-religious marriages. I love romantic novels because they speak of love and that concerns it. But the author’s indulgence in getting obscene scenes looked artificial and unnecessary.

Apart from it, I truly feel that this novel will win the hearts of the teenagers. As it is based in and around college life. The author could do better if he had given more attention to editing certain elaborate dialogues in the novel. Overall the story is good, interesting and expressed well.

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