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Book Review: 'The Cost of Love' by Saurabh Singh

We have explored the Nirbhaya Case too often. It has been the talk for quite a bit of time. Many wrote books on it, many made pleas supporting victims of rape and so on. ‘The Cost of Love’ by Saurabh Singh could be considered another such effort but here comes the difference. The author has taken it as an inspiration to craft his story to drive a strong point home. No doubt anything can happen to us at any time more especially for the characters of Saurabh uncertainties click often times to leave life topsy turvy.

Saurabh Singh is a technical marketing engineer by profession at a product company based in Hyderabad. He hails from the steel city of Jharkhand. This is his second fiction novel.

The cover page of the novel really catches one’s attention. It makes you to ask questions, be surprised, awestruck, and read the book so as to know the gruesome story. My favorite character in this novel is Aaryan, I cannot really express why I loved the character but it is sketched exceptionally well by Saurabh. The author sets the whole story well in place to make the every occasion look real. I was so fascinated by the story that I would like to overlook the language part of it, although the language is simple.

Have you heard of people getting engaged and due to untoward situations the marriage is held up, and the rest that happens to the engaged boy or a girl is a trauma only they can explain. Some are able to accept the reality and some succumb to lasting injuries or mental hurt. I have heard of many stories like these but the story narrated by Saurabh although fictionally haunts me from the time I have read it. Many like Aarushi call out for help and many Aaryans have a story to tell.

There is lot that happens in this story; The Cost of Love is real adhesive.

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