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Book Review: 'The Essence of Eternal Happiness'

VERDICT: Encouraging effort by the poets to enliven the souls hopeless with the hope of attaining happiness here on earth.

My Review: The Cover of the book is quite simple though it doesn’t invite much attention. But the poetry in it is very rich. It was not a success for me to read it just once and leave it aside. Rather in my second contemplative reading I started to make sense of the gold present in this book. Every poem has its own way of expressing how eternal happiness can be enjoyed. Perhaps this book is for those who love poetry to the extent that they would draw lessons for their life. It is for those who are seeking happiness despite its uncertainty of whether we will enjoy it eternally or not. Making pure efforts with right attitude is a must. So therefore the book is a capsule for the hopeless to seek eternal happiness in minute things of life.


“The Essence of Eternal Happiness” is a collection of poetries by a group of creative poets and eloquent rhymers from different spheres of life.

The book tries to end one’s search for happiness. It brings you closer to your inner self motivating healing and encouraging one by the verses and simply sailing the boat of one’s life to ultimate happiness.

Poem uses metaphor for hope. Hope is in our soul and sings continuously. Hope lives in our soul and is eternal. With hope we can sing in the harshest conditions. Hope is always there no matter how difficult situations are. Hope is free. The book contains a ray of hope in the poems.

About Editors

Bernard D’sa

Bernard Dsa, a student of Philosophy, Religion and Social Sciences, graduated from De Sales University, Allentown USA also owns a degree in Masters in English Literature.

Shonali Dey

Shonali Dey is a student by her choice. By profession, she is a guest lecturer cum visiting counsellor for colleges under the University of Mumbai and a Writer/ Poet by passion with her ardent love towards literature.

She is the Creative Head of Raindrops Company which believes in giving wings to young raw talents which are still under the veil.

Born and bought up in the City of Dreams but that never sleeps- MUMBAI, INDIA.

Though pursuing her Masters in Microbiology, she finds her zest in penning down short stories, poems and couplets under an innovative thread called Drenched Thoughts which is presently trending around in almost all the social networking sites.

Book Title: The Essence of Eternal Happiness

Publisher: Raindrops Company

Price: Rs. 160/-

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