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Book Review: 'The God Factor' by Nitin Srivastava

Human being has always been in question with regard to spirituality, meaning and purpose of life and the fundamentals of one’s growth. Nitin Srivastava in this self-help book beautifully presents the God factor, the factor that rules our deepest being to resolute issues. The cover page is simple and speaks for an individual’s quest. The text inside the book is arranged in such a manner that you don’t find it difficult to read, but rather it is beneficial for the reader.

The language is fluent, although you notice a few grammatical errors and sentence construction flaws. They could have been done away with if the book was edited by the author. The author has used the technique of incorporating anecdotes that help understand the philosophical topics he has dealt in the book. The author doesn’t force upon his ideas but clearly presents them so as to make the reader understand the crux of the matter.

The most important thing one would have to do is understand one’s own self, get rid of the ego and balance oneself. The author also feels that success and failure are part of life and thus one ought to learn from both. As we notice that success in the society is given more importance than failure.

Balance in life is what will help us to face challenging situations. The simple presentation with the help of stories and anecdotes makes this reading a pleasant and interesting one. Sometimes we do not want to learn complex things directly from hard theory. Nitin Srivastava puts it in a creative sequence, so have a look, read this book, and improvise oneself.

Nitin Srivastava is an engineer and an asst. Professor in an engineering college. His hidden thirst for writing has turned out to be a treasure for many who were lurking in the dark.

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