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Book Review: 'The highway man' by Vidhu Bhatnagar

No doubt J Alchem is a wonderful author. The writing style of the author is impeccable. The author glues the reader by his quirky and interactive style. The author has a very peculiar characteristic of including relevant trends in his writing and storyline. Which makes the reading interesting. But this book to some extent didn't meet my expectations. The story is okay and perceivable to certain extent.

I was a bit upset about the typographical errors which interrupt the flow, which actually could be avoided if given special attention. J Alchem is known for his frankness and subtleness in his work of fiction. He mesmerises me in a special way when he merges surreality with reality and makes one feel that it is something that is existing for sure.

To some extent I felt that the highway man was just next to me, but when I switched back to my senses I knew that he does exist in everyone one of us at least in minimum degree.

Overall it is a good read to draw a lesson to be a highway person for once in a lifetime.

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