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Book Review: 'The Man Behind…' by Indranil Roy

Aniruddha Chowdhury meets complete neglect from his parents despite the fact that he is proving successful in his academics. The only person who sees his growth and appreciates it is Kamal Sir. He seems to support and guide Aniruddha despite the mistakes he does. Aniruddha in the process meets four women with whom he falls in love with but some tragedy strikes and he is left with no option. Life goes on for him but with hurdles on the way. Will he find his life partner? Will he be successful as a teacher? Will he be able to gain his parents’ attention? To decipher all of this you ought to fetch this book.

‘The Man Behind The Teacher’s Desk’ by Indranil Roy is a novel that runs on a slow pace but discussing very many issues like; education that is turning into business, children bugged with information and technology, and far from love that they actually need, rape, a girl and her plight, pornography, suicide, concern for the development of students, etc.

Indranil Roy portrays women very interestingly. From the introduction of Snigdha till Sarah, there is a transformation for the better. Indranil in Snigdha displays a character that is lovable yet fragile, easily prone and susceptible to violence. Anuradha and Chaitali on the other hand are bold characters ready to speak up for the cause but for no fault of theirs they are trapped and made to silence their outspoken voice. Sarah on the other hand is a mature yet secure character who meets no trouble but is cautious.

The character sketch is done well by Indranil Roy but seems to have had a setback because of the storyline which lacks strong conflicts. The beginning of the novel hooks the reader, the mid bores you a little and the end can easily be interpreted.

The protagonist is dressed well in the beginning of the novel lacking every attention that he actually craves for. But to the end the character looks forced as he asks too intentionally everything to be done in schools for the betterment of the students. Perhaps it comes from the mind of the teacher himself. Indranil Roy displays his positive characteristics as a teacher expecting to do the best for his students, irrespective of the corrupt society and educational system.

Overall the book is a wonderful read for every student who wants to know what a teacher does for the sake of his students. ‘The Man Behind The Teacher’s Desk’ awaits your reading.

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