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Book Review: 'The Origin of Martin Krooger' by Sameer Kumar

Creative writing excited me very much from my yesteryears. So much so I would imagine myself in fantastic places among many books; reading and writing. From then on Harry Potter has been my favourite, whether I understood it or not, that’s a different thing altogether. But fantasy is what I loved and still do. The Origin of Martin Krooger by Sameer Kumar, a fantasy thriller kept me glued to it from the start to the end. Perhaps because of the nature of the genre, but to be frank it was a thrilling read.

Sameer Kumar has confessed that it has taken him nine years to research and write this book that clearly goes to say the amount of hardwork that has gone to making this novel a masterpiece. As always Half Baked Beans with this book make their unflinching mark in the world of literature. The author has conceptualized the characters and every plot so well that they do not fail to give you imageries that will last long in your mind.

I refrain to speak about the story as I do not want to be a spoiler, but making a mention of the imaginative places created by Sameer will, I guess enthuse interest in you. So the author has spoken about places like Alexas, Nukavyas, Nirvana, Eva. He has written the book in such a manner that you will sort of, have this impression in your mind, “Am I watching a movie?” Well that is what I felt.

The author has portrayed a bit of philosophy too in the novel, for instance, the very beginning of the novel which starts with an argument regarding the existence of God and the usage of words like Nirvana etc. But the argument at the start looks a bit unnecessary and not logical enough although the author has tried to introduce the characters by proving the non-existence of God. Apart from that the novel is an easy and interesting read.

You must opt for it if you love fantasy.

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