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Book Review: 'The Resurrection of Evil' by Neelabh Pratap Singh

Indians are basically fond of mythological stories but for me, they are such a bore. My yesteryears were marked by watching these stories on TV but as I grew I didn’t actually like to watch or read them. May be because of the numerous names and the violence that would happen between the characters but this hatred lasted not long until I started reading ‘The Resurrection of Evil’ by Neelabh Pratap Singh. This mythological thriller resurrected the lover of mythology deep within me.

The cover page of the novel is apt and speaks for the story that lies hidden until you read till the end. The language of the author is simple and down to earth. It is comprehensible as long as you don’t stumble upon the mythological stories and scientific concepts that Neelabh so lucidly has described in the novel. The author has made it even more simpler by giving explanations about them at the end of the novel.

The characters are attractive and have their duty to execute until the end. Neelabh has not wasted time to explain about the various characters but his simplistic narration holds within it the character sketch of almost every character. The protagonist of the novel ACP Aryan who somewhat resembles ‘Singham’ and the antagonist Mukesh Anand are well developed characters in the novel. One is actually deceived to know about the characters until one reads the novel completely.

The plot is intellectually interspersed with the varied mythological stories like Tuatha De Dannan and scientific concepts like flying saucer, which will certainly be a treat for the lovers of mythology and science. The story describes to us the various ways and means human beings employ so as to attain power and wealth. Sometimes our ego comes in between our relationship turning it turtle without our knowledge. Ultimately our craze for power makes us to meet with a fate like that of Maninath, Vajra and Lugh the other villains in the novel. I was also fascinated by the development of though not very elaborate character of Mayasura by the author.

The Resurrection of Evil by Neelabh Pratap Singh is supposed to be a debut book but I think it crosses boundaries to meet the highest requirements of a super bombarded mythological thriller. If you love mythology and if you love science this book is for you to grasp and enjoy the imaginations of Neelabh.

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