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Book Review: 'The Soul Charmer' by Richa Saxena

Our past affects our present and the way we live today affects our future. History has taught, that we are to take examples from the past and try to better our present and the future. Most of us have learned this concept but when it comes to relationships we always falter. Our relationships form the major part of our life. Our dealings with our parents, our loved ones, relatives and friends affect us drastically. ‘The soul charmer’ a collection of poems by Richa Saxena is a testimony to the impact of relationships.

Richa Saxena spills the intricacies of relationships. The loss of her dear father that has left a solid impression on her, becomes a point of writing a emotional poetry for us to read. Most of her poems are dialogical in nature. They are free verse and easy to read. Her rhyme scheme is natural not forced. Writing style is simple. Richa Saxena celebrates as well as presents the dark face of the atrocities done to women. She is a voice for the socially outcast.

In her poem ‘She is the girl’ she expresses the characteristics of who a girl is; a blend of everything that defies a norm. She is a dream carver and a story weaver. She engineers different roles and trades umpteen journeys. She is a heart on fire, that’s unstoppable. Richa speaks of the journey of each one of us which has to be refreshing and a tale, wherein one mends himself or herself. Whatsoever be the case in heaven one will definitely chalk an altogether different life journey.

Richa Saxena has spoken of a social evil and she feels it needs attention. She has put it very bluntly and said that the marks of discrimination, hurt, and debarring the other has left the soul blemished, the howls unheard, traumatized the soul and made one a social outcast. The only way to resolve the issue is to respect and revere the other.

The poet explores every nook and corner of relationships. Love is the hallmark of all her poems, whether she asks for a betrayal to happen or speaks of ‘we’ becoming ‘us’. There are a number of poems which stand out and amidst them I liked the following two; ‘Seasons of love’ and ‘Daddy’s little princess.’

For me it was a lovely read. Cool and romantic, enticing and energetic. Want to have a similar experience? download this e-book and take the pleasure.

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