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Book Review: 'The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur' by Priyonkar Dasgupta

Want to ride back to your childhood? Want to go for an adventure? I am sure you would, the problem is how would you? Very simple, fetch The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur a book by Priyonkar Dasgupta, sit luxuriously on your couch and start reading. It will take you to a picturesque world of Shoumo and Shaumik in Rajpur. Its fun filled adventure will give you a nostalgic feeling of the events that happened in your life.

The cover of the book is quite attractive more specially for children or teenagers. As to question within their minds about the book. The narration is quite enticing except for the fact that the descriptions interfere to bore you. The character of the protagonist of the novel is beautifully presented and is remarkable from the part of the author. The language is simple and easy to comprehend; perhaps the author has kept the teens in his mind, while writing this story. The author has creatively construed the plot without any snags in between.

The major themes the author has dealt in the book are relationships, friendship, virtues like courage, stage of life: childhood, and young mind at adventure etc.

Overall it’s a great transfer into an imaginative world for an adventure. Oh! I forgot to mention, an adventure usually is not beset with happiness all along there are troubles uninvited to visit. To know what the troubles are, purchase the book.

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