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Book Review: 'The Switch' By Aleena Qureshi

Book Title: The Switch

Author: Aleena Qureshi

Publisher: Frog Books

Price: Rs. 145/-

VERDICT: It is believable and a clean story of something known to us but often remaining unobserved. As a debutante Aleena has done her best and shows a caliber of much more.

REVIEW: I loved the content of the book although the story is not that appealing because there is nothing new in the story. But the narration of the author or the manner that Aleena employs to deliver her story with emphasis is something that needs sure attention and appreciation.

The cover page looks angelic and one would feel to take this book along as soon as one glances at it.

The title of the book ‘The Switch’ is metaphorical and can mean anything from the perspective one looks at it. But what Aleena actually means is what you can know after you read this book.

The plot is simple and quirky at the same time, showing switch of status of the protagonist and how she manages to cope up the situation.

DRAWBACK: Given that Aleena is a debut author we can forgive her innocence in delivering emotions, emotions which needed more expression and vigor. The introduction of subordinate plots in the novel and leaving them incomplete becomes a drawback. Nevertheless Aleena has now made her mark onto the space that was most occupied by stalwarts. Wishing Aleena great luck and clicking pen ahead.

Blurb Daughter of the city’s most elite business tycoon, Aria, possesses everything a girl desires –the dream college, best friends, an ecstatic lifestyle and the most level-headed parents. Life turns around when she learns about her father’s tragic demise and his huge debt. So what happens when she’s bullied and all her friends abandon her? How does she survive the real middle class life and what does it teach her? Find out if you are really rich in THE SWITCH!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR As a 21 year old, Aleena has no idea of where this book would take her and how. When she started writing at the age of 19, she was going through a tough time trying to raise and voice her opinions. She wanted to send her message across loud and clear, that people should not be judged on where they come from but by what they do. She did not know what she would write but she knew she wanted her story out there for people to get inspired and she is amazed at the response that the book is receiving.

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