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Book Review: 'The Tough Gets Going' by Simanta & Sushmita Das

This is one of the very peculiar books I have read recently. The characters and the storyline speak vehemently for itself. The authors have done an incredible job by writing this story. I will not speak much about the story because I do not want to be a spoiler.

What amuses me is the collaboration and the synchronic structure of the literary work. Not a single time will you feel that the story is going out of place or a feel that there are two kinds of styles of writing. The authors have done their best to merge both their ideas together in the best way possible.

The characters are developed well although I felt that they could still be developed more meticulously. The language is simple and comprehensible. The cover page of the book is simple and okay with regards to its theme. At least it creates moments of surprise.

The authors trade on risky grounds while dealing with very relevant issues like that of a relationship between a father and the son. And what goes between them. The authors have metaphorically presented the ideas. The tempestuous sea and the hullabaloo turning out into the life of the father and son relationship and lot more.

One thing that makes this novel quite enriching and lively experience is the fact that as one reads the story you feel that every character is turning alive before you. The authors have somehow made their characters realistic and sympathetic that one is able to relate and bring these characters to life.

Overall the book is a treat and one can always wait for the next book by the same authors in unison.

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