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Book Review: 'Thoughts Sublime' by Sonal Lobo

Cover Design: It is sublime like the poems worded by the poet. Though it has a simple look it justifies the title of the poetry collection.

Title And The Poems: Thoughts Sublime are simple and humble thoughts that provoked the poet perhaps all through her life. One can see the logical flow from one poem to the other. In poetical form Sonal Lobo tells a story of her life and life of every being trading on this earth. She expresses about very many things that affect her.

Techniques Employed: Sonal Lobo has used techniques like rhyme, aliteration, prayer to the muse, repetition, imagery and SMS language.

Her Poems: Puzzled life is a prayer asking God to be beside her at all times good and bad. Creation describes the creation in a sublime manner and brings home the point that everyone or everything in the creation needs to depend on God (Divine Providence). In Someone like you, she explains her desire for a friend who would be by her side. In the poem My wedding she describes her expectation of the kind of prince she would like to have. The latter poems You promised, Your princess, Joy of marriage, I miss you, Love makes us, have almost got the similar theme but aspects of marriage and the relationship between married persons.What shall i say? portrays the society in which we live, where marriages happen and break simultaneously. In the poem, I want to move on she tries to instill in the reader a sense of moving ahead despite varied problems. Sonal Lobo celebrates womanhood in the poems She in your life and I am a woman. The remainder are poems on subtle things that affect each ones life; Thank you teacher, Friend forever, Look not, Every single day, A poet, Why not?, Mother Divine, Save us, Beautiful life, The meaning, The last journey.

Chord that struck me: I loved reading again and again her two poems; Joy of marriage and The meaning. Joy of marriage, tells one not just to be glued to complex happenings in life but also notice the simplicity of life. Sonal Lobo seems to have understood really well what Marriage is all about and how both partners in marriage must deal with one another in times good and in times filled with uncertainties of life.

The Meaning is a philosophical poem and it is a topic dealt by many philosophers on and off repeatedly. Sonal Lobo expresses in her way how one must quiz for meaning in ones life and live out the purpose for which one is created for.

Flaws: Editing of the book could be still better and the typographical errors could also be avoided. Though less in number flawless poetry collection could be produced. But this in no way demean the poetic caliber of Sonal Lobo.

Bottomline: You ought to purchase the book and find solutions to life’s tragedies in the poetical treasure that Sonal Lobo has magnificently produced.

About Sonal Lobo:

She is a Lecturer by profession and a Gold Medallist from Christ University, Bangalore. Her poems and articles have been published in “The Teenager,” “Daiji World,” “Womens Era,” and “IUE” magazines. Apart from crafting music with words she is a pianist.

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