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Book Review: 'Thy will be done' by Andrew Alpin

Unlike other poetry books, reading this poetry collection was a different experience altogether. I thank almighty God for this wonderful journey I have had. ‘Thy Will Be Done’ is a collection of poems by Andrew Alpin. The collection is presented in four periods or rather chapters. The first chapter takes you through a very stark history of India. A petition that led to numerous riots and upheavals in India and Bangladesh leaving the civilians devastated. Not just that even the nature was traumatized which is well articulated by the poet.

The first chapter marks that point of his life where he was affected by these pessimistic things happening around him, it is dated between 1986 – 1990. You can see the voice of lament, loneliness, seeking for solace and complete calmness. And when found the poet is happy to the extent of pouring that joy and trying to mend ways that were broken. But still there is darkness pervading and the situation happens to be the same. The poet seeks for friendship amidst these riots, wars, and battles of life. The imageries that the poet depicts are classy and worth reading.

You then move on to Darjeeling dating 1991 – 1996, where the poet had the best of his time. The time when he felt peace and happiness to some extent in comparison to the place of gloom. The poet moves from reminiscence to nostalgia of the precious time spent with an important person in his life. The poet is in search of the lost spirit too. Sometimes the obsessive thought of the loved one makes him to realize that the illusions are reality for certain. God for him is another aspect of introspection. Describing that path which Jesus walked and its complexities.

It was between 1996 – 2006 the poet felt that he ought to learn and learn while pricking oneself. Pain and suffering are part and parcel of his life now. And it is the musical nature of nature that comforts him dearly. There is anguish, search for peace, life is in shackles, distorted. The poet is wanting to wipe away the pains of the past and there he comes across a dear friend. A friend who makes him realize that after darkness comes a bright new light.

Hopes abound 2006 – 2016, the poet seems to be mature enough; wanting, seeking and desiring nothing in specific but enjoying the moment. Eulogizes the person of John Keats implying that everyone is worth their existence. Another important aspect of life after indulging in wrong doings is to turn towards God with repentance and that is what the poet hints at showing resistance towards it, as well showing its necessity.

It was a joyful ride throughout this. What kept me going through this book is the way it is interspersed with reality. I am sure if you take to reading this book you will have the same experience as I did. So don’t miss the chance purchase it right away.

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