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Book Review: 'Turning Back Time' by Shravya Gunipudi

Shravya Gunipudi has been writing ever since the tender age of nine. She has explored writing voluminously for more than a decade. This novel, ‘Turning Back Time’ is her debut. When I read this novel I didn’t have the impression that the author was doing a debut as the writing is so profound and mature. Shravya Gunipudi has certainly mastered the art of storytelling.

The cover page of the book undoubtedly catches the eye and sets the story in place giving it a village setting. This is one of its kinds and I believe that is what makes Gargi Publishers different in the industry. ‘Turning Back Time’ is a story of Alia who is worried and conscious about making money. She is a spendthrift as opposed to her mother. She has lots of fears in her mind. But her story is interspersed with four aged people who reveal their stories as she works with them, taking care of them at the Old Age Home. Shravya presents four stories beginning with Raman, Hema, Girish and Sita. All of these stories motivate Shravya to lead her life.

The stories of each are beautiful and I would suggest you vouch for reading this book. The novel has a mention of death, gender stereotypes, parenting, teenage experimentation, workaholic mindset, sexual abuse, gender discrimination and a lot more issues in store. Death recurring often tells us that it is inevitable and one cannot change its course. The novel advises us to live prudent and smart life, so that we don’t regret and ask for turning back time, because it is impossible.

The language employed by the author is comprehensible and you don’t find much jargon so it is a fluent read. The more you read it, the more interesting the story gets and you never get bored. The technique employed by the author while describing each character is minutely done. The introduction of the characters into the story is simple and not forced.

Overall I truly feel that Shravya has done a great job writing this novel. It raises eyebrows, it catches your attention, and it strikes a chord making one cry at times, at the fate of some of the characters. You want to have the similar feeling, read this book Turning Back Time.

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