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Book Review: 'What Matters Most In Life' by Sajith Cyriac

One of my professors would always query regarding the self-help book writers. As to why they write books with similar ideas but different perspectives. He found the books monotonous in nature, and least useful if one is filled with energy in whatever one does. But not all the time are we filled with the best of energies that we carry out our tasks 100 percent as expected of us. We always need a motivating factor.

Being the editor of ‘Inspirational Quotes’ for more than 10 years Sajith Cyriac has understood the mind of the children and the youth. Thus he works out to be one of the prominent motivators in the contemporary times, he is well known for the book ‘Never Give Up’. ‘What Matters Most In Life’ is his 18th book and very specially written to motivate children and the youth. It is a very satisfying and a motivating read, consisting of 50 chapters. The technique that the author employs in presentation of this book is very simple. He explicates the idea of motivation with real life examples, and at the end summarizes; what matters most in life.

The cover design by Shinto Joseph is simple and to the point. The interior design of the book is up to the standards of Pauline Publications and it is the best. The perk of the book is that one can have a very smooth read through the book; you hardly notice a grammatical error or typographical hiccup.

50 different themes with the presentation of suitable examples make this book worth reading and motivating oneself for the better. Although a few examples are very familiar to us, reading them again does not lose their taste. One can read this book in one seating but I would suggest read a chapter a day, so that the purpose for which this book is specifically written be meted out.

Sajith Cyriac continues to do his magic with words and motivate young minds. Perhaps this book will again turn out to be a bestseller just like ‘Never Give Up’.

Bottomline: Take a hold of this book and motivate yourself by reading it, to be productive in whatever task you undertake.

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