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Book Review: 'Whistling Words' by Sonal Lobo

VERDICT: Sonal Lobo’s emotional expressions in the poetry leave one mesmerized. They obviously strike a chord in the reader and leave one into introspection and serious reflection about life and love.

My Review: The cover page of the book is clean whistling themes that Sonal Lobo has dealt in the poetry collection. When I first took on to editing this book I did it with great enthusiasm as I was enjoying every poem the poet has written. After making this collection the poet was put into a dilemma by me as I wasn’t happy with the title the original manuscript contained. Nevertheless the poet Sonal Lobo was open enough to rethink the idea. Her poetry expresses similar attitude. The inner designing of the book is simple and catchy. The strongest theme that revolves in the whole collection is Love. The most important aspect in one’s life as per the poet, as she doesn’t avoid using it almost in every poem she has jotted. Overall it is not just a piece of literature but a masterpiece for serene reading.


Whistling refers to a sound. Words have the power to create a powerful sound that can change and mould hearts.

This book talks about the various facets of love and life, from the complexities to the little joys of life. It also explores the various levels of love, from the simplest and purest love of parents to the romantic and passionate love between couples to the selfless love between friends.

It explores the pain felt by the people left unattended in the world, the untold misery and ironies of life.

Poetry can never be easily defined, it’s just the flow of thoughts and words all formed together to form a beautiful and colourful pattern.

“Whistling Words” is a delicate yet simple book, making one meditate on things that matter a bit longer.

About The Author

Sonal Lobo hails from Bangalore; she is a post graduate in commerce from Christ University Bangalore. She has been writing from the age of 10 and contributing articles and poems for various magazines and newspapers. Her first book was “Thoughts Sublime” a collection of poems. She has also contributed for various anthologies. Apart from writing she is a reader, she loves watching movies and making chocolates and candles. She is a music freak and plays the keyboard. Currently she is a lecturer in a reputed college in Bangalore and residing in Bangalore.

Book Title: Whistling Words

Author: Sonal Lobo

Publisher: Authors’ Ink Publications

Price: Rs. 150/-

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