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Book Review: 'World’s First Book on ‘Nano Tales’'

Do you want to use your leisure time constructively? Are you interested to read novels or stories that would enlighten your mind but lacking time? Getting bored with the monotonous lectures? “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body” said Joseph Addison.

Read a fantabulous collection of ‘Nano Tales.’ The first of its kind, the world’s first book on Nano Tales brings you the joy to read 38 different stories in no time. It gives you the best dose for leisure time. And for those who want to escape a stereotyped lecture, just for a change, a read through a nano tale (although I do not recommend it).

It is certainly a package containing stories on innumerable themes some of which are; religion, religious deception, relationships, love, romance, paradox of life, etc.

It is a pocket book, quite handy, legible and clean. Grammatically sound, satirical, sarcastic, ironic no doubt and a lot of play of words. Each of the contributors has given a glimpse of the India today. They have also shown that economy of words can bring across the story more emphatically.

It was a novel idea by Ajitabha Bose who started to bring out stories in the form of pocket book, which is now becoming a culture more so with the ever growing Authors’ Ink India Publishers. This collection too is perhaps his brain child.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to read but lacks time, who wants to accustomed oneself to the current scenario in India and across the globe. And for anyone who wants to savour the sweetness of nano tales.

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