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Book Review: 'You Promised You Will' by Nisha Sharma

Author: Nisha Sharma

Book: You Promised You Will

Publisher: Omji Publishing House Private Ltd., New Delhi.

Released on: August 2015

Price: Rs. 150/-

My take:

“God always sends someone for you, as his angel to free you from your pains and burdens.” Nisha Sharma makes a mention of this old adage in her novel and interestingly all through the novel you see this saying becoming alive in different forms. The story begins with Niharika who is in a trauma center and she is explaining her drastic life to Nisha, who for her is an angel.

The author Nisha Sharma has made use of a psychological therapy, that one who has undergone a traumatic situation explains everything that one went through and experiences a kind of catharsis. Nisha Sharma thus has developed the story with depressed Niharika expailning her story to Nisha who is carrying out this therapy. Niharika narrates her uncertain arranged marriage proposal and later love story tragedy and feels in a way relieved of the pain.

Nisha Sharma has portrayed a complete ideological Brahmin family who have the custom of arranged marriage system and also checking the kundli before marriage.

The beginning of the story is a bit dull due to the consistent usage of the same thought process in rather just different words. The editing of the book is another failure to notify. But the story doesn’t fail to make its impact as it were. Nisha Sharma portrays ritualistic and pious family traditions in the novel. She has done splendid with regard to her narration of the story switching from Niharika to Nisha. I loved that portion of her writing style.

This is another story that teaches you life lessons that one has to move on despite the atrocities that happen in one’s life.

Bottomline: Have a read and you’ll learn that time is transient and you have to move on.

Book Blurb:

“We will never get separated from now onwards”


I still wander on all those paths where we used to walk together. His voice haunts every part of my body. His last words, “Move on and let me move on” still throbs my mind. I am still suffering from the impenetrable sound of his voice which repeats in my mind every second of my life.


A tale of two souls and a promise

“we will never get separated”

ended with a twist and now that song turns NIharika numb

whenever she listens to that. Loneliness still persists in her life.

That’s what Akshat has left for her..

Akshat loved her and sacrificed his love!!

Niharika sacrificed herself and loved him!!

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