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Called To Be Merciful

Pope Francis inaugurated an extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy on 8th December 2015, on the solemnity of Immaculate Conception. It expresses that God’s mercy is a spring of Joy, Serenity and Peace. This year has brought a lot of benefit to the Church by and large with regard to the return of those who went away from the Church. The year promises blessings, pardon and remission of sins. It is a call not just to Christianity but to every religion and the faithful to be merciful to those who need one’s mercy. When one becomes merciful one is becoming the hand of God to the one to whom one is merciful. Anything that is not expressed is not love. Similarly, the merciful act that is not expressed is not mercy it is just a show off.

The word ‘Mercy’ comes from a Latin word ‘Misericordia’ which means ‘a heart’ that loves the downtrodden, the poor, and the miserable. Miseri, means to share in the toils and sufferings of our neighbour.

Occasionally, if you stroll in the Vasco market you will notice umpteen individuals selling vegetables, fruits, etc. to earn bread and butter. But how many times have we been sensitive to their requirements? How many times have we stopped and listened to their worries? How many times have we been grateful to them for being generous enough to respond to our needs? Have we been kind to these then we have been merciful already. If we haven’t it is a dire need that we pull up our socks and become aware of our surroundings. Be thankful to the one who serves us in small little ways. Let us be patient with the milkman who sometimes turns out to be late. Let us forego a day without television and visit our neighbour inquiring him or her about his or her well-being. Parents love your children and give them your time rather than just the pocket money which doesn’t serve the purpose of building them into good human beings. And children listen to your parents, understand their plight and their struggle to earn the bread that you eat without fail. Mercy is not something alien it can simply be practiced in our day to day life, only if we be sensitive and have an attitude to be merciful. It is a call to all to be merciful.

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