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‘Choked’ Reveals the Choking Story of Reality Shows

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

‘Choked: Paisa Bola Hai’ directed by Anurag Kashyap is a story of Sarita Pillai (Saiyami Kher) a singer and a participant of reality singing show. While performing one day at the revelation of an audience by the light she freezes. She is unable to sing from then on. The very remembrance of it or the very word ‘singing’ gives her a traumatic experience. Sarita along with her husband Sushant Pillai (Roshan Mathew) and a son is a lower-middle-class family struggling to make their ends meet. Sarita has got a government job at a bank and Sushant is mostly unemployed. Sarita, therefore, struggles with the overload of work at the bank and later at home. But a vain hope and relief come when she sees Ziploc bags with money popping out of the sewage pipe from her kitchen. The money is choking the water in the pipes. So both these stories of choking play on simultaneously in the movie.

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