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Clyde D'Souza is a novelist and media professional from India. His best-selling works include "Kissing Ass: The Art of Office Politics," "Ghanta College: The Art of Topping College Life," and his most recent book, "Susegad: The Goan Art of Contentment," which explores Goan culture. Susegad, though billed as a self-help book, is a self-happy book, in Clyde's words, because it takes the reader through all the experiences the author loves about Goa.

Clyde adds, “I am a Goaphile, and even though I think we will one day be living on Mars I would like to discover and share my Goan experiences. I love food and I’m trying my hand at cooking. I have recently discovered surfing and will be trying it again!”

Clyde interestingly explains his inspiration behind writing, “As a kid, I loved to read fantastic stories and watch the words become a movie in my head. It seems like the best writers are magicians. Good writing can entertain and inspire you to even change your lifestyle.” He aims to be happy with what he is reading on the page. He adds, “Am I entertained? That’s my first thought. The second aim is ‘what do I want my reader to feel?’ when reading the whole book and while reading particular chapters. Eventually, the story might be forgotten but the feeling remains.”



Explaining to us why he calls Susegad a self-happy book, Clyde says, “In my recent chat with popular Chef Avinash Martins of Cavatina, Goa he said the current avatar of his restaurant is a pandemic baby. My book Susegad is also a pandemic baby. My publisher Penguin got in touch with me to explore Goa and Susegad. Goa came to my rescue by transporting me to its sunny shores while we were in lockdown, which is why I say it’s not a self-help but a self-happy book.”

Further adding, “The trick and challenge while writing Susegad was how to write about Goa and link it to all the things I love about it. How to write about a state that is also being mauled by haphazard tourism? How to take the word Susegad which also means lazy among Goans and present it as its original meaning? I have tried my best to do this through simple writing and personal experiences. To ensure the book was not dry, I layered it like a bebinca. It has non-fiction, fiction short stories, interviews, doodles, photographs and yummy food recipes. I hope the reader will find delight in this multi-layered approach to the book.”

Goans suffer the stereotype of being “Susegad” or laidback. Clyde comments, “As the truism goes…change is the only constant. Susegad originally meant peace and quiet and then it came to mean ‘lazy’ during a time, perhaps, when Goans had maybe too much comfort. However, the current and especially young Goan is a mix of hardworking, enterprising, and creative, with not too many being the lazy Susegad type. So I think the current stereotype is outdated.”

In an interview, Clyde had said, “I decided to amalgamate the creative aspects of Goa, to project it as a literary, architectural, music and art hub – it’s like a fish thali with many dishes.” Some places on earth are blessed, and Clyde believes Goa is one of them. He describes, “It has a long and dramatic history, but nature, culture and its people have made it a place that is a global magnet. Our intentions and actions should be to preserve it as a creative breeding ground.”

Clyde’s podcast “Susegad Stories” became #1 in the Travel and India section and is currently trending for its unique and vibrant take on Goa through interviews. Podcasts became an excuse for him to continue his love for Goa and Goans. He enthusiastically says, “A book is sometimes a fossilized work; once it’s published it’s done. Our Podcast which is produced with Bound India allows me to shine the light on some of Goa’s stars and hear what they have to say in the form of a lively conversation. My next step is more video oriented and I’m exploring the current tools like Insta reels to do the same.”

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Clyde looks at all mediums as creative projects. He considers that as a creator one must use the different advantages unique to each platform. Giving us examples he says, “podcasts are great for passive multi-tasking consumption, short video for snack-based scrolling, and writing for more in-depth attention-heavy communication. I enjoy all mediums and love to explore them all.”

As a writer at heart Clyde loves Ruskin Bond’s simplicity and place-based writing. He admires Roald Dahl for his fantastic imagination and wordplay. And says that he has recently discovered Late Wendell Rodricks’ Poskem and his magic realism style inspiring.

To aspiring writers, Clyde is certainly an inspiration and therefore he says, “enjoy what you read. Write what you enjoy reading. Join a Writers Community because they will help you and bug you to write when you might feel lazy.”

Watch out for Season 2 of Susegad Stories Podcast where Clyde talks about the future of Goa and the current Stars of Goa!

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.
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