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Euthanasia Best Explained

Both Sourav Banerjee and Shreya Sengupta had the onus of navigating through a controversial topic and as per my reading of their book goes, I believe they have handled the subject matter with great care. When I was studying Euthanasia I was made known of just one perspective and I believed that is absolute. But here the authors present to us varied perspectives whether it be economic, legal, philosophical, or biological. Whether you are a medical student or not, the authors very artistically make their point clear. I felt the language is quite conversational and each of the chapters starts and ends with caution. Because the authors do not want to mess with your already existing idea of Euthanasia.

Although I felt a little out of place due to the existence of technical terms, but without them, the explanation of the concepts related to Euthanasia wouldn't have been in its entirety. Perhaps this is the first doctrine of death that actually needs to be appreciated. The authors have put in a lot of effort in their research and the fruit is the refined work of art; their book.

When you hold the book in your hand it is tiny, but the matter inside beautifully designed in its pristine manner gives you or rather loads you with umpteen amount of information. What makes this research and the book interesting is that the authors end the book with future research ideas based on metaphysics, parapsychology, and biotech. This clearly defines that the authors are serious about their task on this research and that they would be interested to do more in this field of research.

Perhaps if you want all your concerns related to euthanasia to get sorted pick this book.

You can purchase the book HERE

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