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Facebook or Face the Book? by Lalminthang Lhouvum

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The pandemic has increased the number of users of social media. So more than in the past, we need guidance to keep ourselves sane in the virtual world. Lalminthang Lhouvum in his book, "Facebook or Face the Book?" gives us the way out.

The author presents 14 well thought out principles to keep ourselves on guard and becoming witnesses rather than slaves to social media. In the 14 principles, the author gives pathways to be like our muse, our God. We are all created in the image of God and we ought to bear that image of God wherever we are whether real or virtual world. Being unnoticed doesn't mean we can do anything and everything, we are being watched, by whom? the options are aplenty but for sure, our God is the one we ought to be aware of. Social Media is also a place where we waste a lot of time blowing our own trumpet and making ourselves invincible, the author cautions us of such an attitude.

All in all, this book is a remarkable guide to our usage of social media. It will help one to be wise and safeguard oneself from untoward vices.

Book Blurb:

In an age of advanced technology, it is quite insecure for the believers to remain untutored biblically and be negligent of the biblical principles for the Christian life. One needs to know the bound of his life and confine within that green zone.

This book concerns mainly the millennials who often seek remedies to life’s puzzles in social media but are often blown away by the digital hot air. Even the unsophisticated pre-millennials are often trapped by the evil seduction of social media. Facebook Or Face The Book provides fourteen basic principles of the Bible which will safeguard the believers from various ethical and moral deviations. This book is a “safety manual” for all users of social media, especially Facebook.

About the Author:

Lalminthang Lhouvum serves as the Academic Dean and Faculty of South India Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Coimbatore. He is married to Vungmawi, and they are blessed with three children - Benezer, Eunice, and David Paul.

Publisher: Omega Book World

Pages: 120

Price: Rs. 250/-

Purchase the book HERE on a discounted price.

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