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Happiness is all we need

Well, this is not the first book on Happiness that I picked and read. But everytime I read about Happiness, it gives me pointers as to how I can make my life beautiful and meaningful. It also constructs by deconstructing the idea I had about happiness. Vaibhav Gupta is not suspicious about the teenage happiness, he is clear that the happiness that they crave for is not lasting. And he is definitely sure that social media presence will never give one happiness that one deserves.

In the episodes by Film Companion, they discussed on being real with respect to the celebrity lifestyle. And many of the celebrities confirmed that social media is just an addiction and one needs to learn to balance between real life and the virtual. Vaibhav seems focused in this regard of establishing what happiness is all about. We entangle ourselves with many things in life and Vaibhav is helping us to look at the bigger picture and focus on what matters most in life.

I have read many self-help books but this self-help book was very interesting to read right from the start. I do not feel that all of my questions were answered by this book. But for sure the book helped me to look at the bigger picture and march ahead.

I am not sure how far this book will reach because it doesn't sugar coat the actions of the youth. Well, truth is bitter and one needs to accept it. Vaibhav Gupta has done a marvelous job with this book.

If you want to get tips to live a happy, peaceful, and contented life, than this book is for you.

Purchase the book HERE

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