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Interview: Amrita Dev Burman

Friends, today we have with us Amrita Dev Burman, the author of 'Tales From My Soul' she is a passionate writer and a wild spirited learner. She has an immense desire and love for travelling. She calls herself a wanderer, an explorer. Her love for wanderlust and writing go parallel. She is a wife of a government servant and that she says permits her to live in different cities and gather vast experiences. She is a mother of two loving Kids and two cute dogs.

When asked about how she got into writing, she says, “I kept jotting down every detail that amused me as a person, I learnt from people, places and experiences.” She further adds, “Writing becomes difficult with the daily pressures of day to day life along with kids; the motivational factors are the thought process and the innate want to express everything including the way kids are, the woman I have transformed into and the “WIFE” I have become.”

She was brought up in Calcutta and grew up in her grandfather’s house, she lived in a joint family and the value system was different. She says, “We celebrated all festivals, especially Christmas and Durga Puja. My Grandfather was a Sangeet Visharad from Allahabad and I held on to the Tradition of learning music. I trained myself in Classical Music.” Her hobbies are reading books and singing.

Who and what inspired you to do this collection of stories?

I would go on blabbering stories to my friends and family, one of my closest couple friend kept on encouraging me to write and that too short stories about daily life, they would read my posts on a social networking site and kept on pushing me. They are doctors and I took their advice seriously, the prescription said “Write” and I started.

Why a collection of stories and not a full-fledged novel?

I am currently working on a travel journal and a novel about Women. This was my first time and it had to be unusual stories with different twists and turns. It had to have that feel of narrating to a friend. The stories range from mystery, romance, and ghost to life’s experiences, there’s a bit of everything; it varies from drama, emotions, feelings to reality. The purpose of this book is perfect entertainment. Entertainment is fun when it’s short term.

How do you go about writing these stories? What was your strategy?

My strategy is creating characters, young and old, unusual and bizarre. Short stories are a challenge by itself, there’s a plot, a thought provoking incident and a mysterious end, it’s like a daring creation.

What were your fears as you finished writing this book and how did you tackle them?

My biggest fear was the fact that my first book was a short story collection. If people like the way you write, then it’s pretty acceptable, otherwise your job is half done. I write for my readers and if readers like your book then you go ahead and write more.

Who are your favourite short story writers? What in specific do you like about their writing?

My all time favorite is Roald Dahl, he is famous for unexpected endings, and his stories are descriptive, having deeper meaning. I like the twist and turn, and the way he gets into the characterization.

If given a chance what other genre would you exploit and why?

I am a fiction writer given a chance I would like to explore Fiction Travel Journal. I am an inborn traveller, I travel to learn and I learn to travel. It’s a constant procedure. You have to let your mind wander off to get the inspiration and start writing a story. Travel gives me that edge above all.

How did you decide upon the title of the collection? What are the major themes you are dealing in this collection?

I am a passionate person in general and whatever I write brings out the passion in me. The name had to be a part of my soul. The themes range from mystery, emotions, drama, thriller etc.

What is next in the making?

I am writing a very interesting fiction, the protagonist is a strong-headed woman with lots of aspirations, a risky life-changing incident takes place and her life converts into a total disaster. The way she struggles to get back is the story.

Do you want to say something to your readers?

I would ask my reader to enjoy the perfect entertainer; it is a mystical story tour, these stories are meant to amuse the reader.

I'm sure you have some experience about writing and getting it published and the whole process after getting your book done. How would you encourage young and aspiring authors?

I had a pretty decent time with My Books team; they were very encouraging and motivating. The old era of writing has come to an end and Self-publishing is a new approach of encouraging young and aspiring authors who are ready to publish. It’s a new movement and I would like to advice the upcoming writers never to give up but to keep on writing and creating beautiful memories. Truth is, it’s these memories, which last forever.

Thank you Amrita for your time.

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