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Art + Attagasm, which means awesome in Tamil + Orgasm is equal to Artagasm. This name certainly strikes a chord with Chennaites no doubt, but for sure it connects to everyone across the country for, it is art. Artagasm was recently launched in a pop-up store in Chennai. It is a company that stole hearts of youngsters as it contains creative and attractive art. The company is started by Vasudevan Ananthakrishnan and Sandhya Ganesh who actually are friends from their third grade, they took different paths, Vasudevan went to do his CA and Sandhya did engineering, but what brought them together is their passion for art.

Artagasm provides its customers with T-Shirts, Stationery, Collectibles, Quirky Handmade Products, Pinatas, Personalized illustrations and more. It also sells personalized digital art, wedding and birthday invites, cartoons and caricatures. Presently, Artagasm just has an online store but there is no room for silence and hard heartedness, both Vasudevan and Sandhya are open to learning and lots more.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

When did this idea of starting a company come to you?

Vasu: Actually both of us are artists and were friends for quite long. Despite the fact I went on to pursue my CA and Sandhya went on to pursue engineering, art brought us together once again and we decided to do something we love. And that is how ‘Artagasm’ happened.

What is more important to you, academics or your passion (Dream)?

Sandhya: For me following my passion was more important, because it was like living my dream.

Vasu: I believe both academics and passion is important, we need a mix of both. Academics give us experience and fill us with values needed to pursue our passion.

How difficult or easy has it been?

Sandhya: When it came to the technicalities it took a bit longer time and more so because of the GST. But since it was something that we always wanted to do, we did it with extra enthusiasm.

Vasu: We wanted this venture to be something that connects us with other people. And thus we unitedly brought this idea to life.

How receptive were your parents regarding your idea? What about the financial assistance you might have needed during the process?

Sandhya: Our parents have always given us the freedom to decide for ourselves. So there was no complaint from their part. They always supported us. Obviously they were anxious whether the venture will be successful or not. Financially, we had some savings we made from our previous jobs. So this venture was purely done with the savings we made.

Vasu: Initially, my father was a bit apprehensive. He always wanted me to be a CA and my mother was happy to see me pursuing art. But later as I paved my way through, my father accepted it and supported me.

Sandhya, how do you feel amidst the male dominated venture you have undertaken? What hurdles do you perceive?

Sandhya: I do not see it that way, because ultimately what they see is not, who it comes from? What they see is their profit. I can notice hurdles regarding supply of the raw materials, especially when it comes to production in bulk.

What can customers expect from you?

Personalized, customized art work, open to feedback, matching your expectations. Make a demand and we will provide it to you on your platter.

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