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Interview: Experimenting different genres, Bilal Siddiqi

Friends I am pleased to present before you one of the talented authors on Unbeatable Combi. Bilal Siddiqi has left us mesmerized with his first book ‘The Bard of Blood’ and now with a self-help book along with Emraan Hashmi ‘The Kiss of Life’.

So here you go….

Bilal Siddiqi, we know you as the author of ‘The bard of blood,’ could you give us the hint of why you took up to writing this book or co-authoring this book, ‘The kiss of life’?

Because the concept excited the writer in me. It was worlds apart from ‘The bard of blood.’ I wanted to write a non-fiction book, but didn’t know what the topic would be until I met Emraan.

From your previous book launches we know that you like to be different unlike trending authors who walk the trodden path repeatedly, may we have the privilege of knowing what your next book venture will be?

As of now, I haven’t finalized on what I’ll write next. But it’s gonna be fiction and it’s gonna be different. Not in the espionage genre like the first book. Want to experiment a bit with this one, but waiting to crack the concept entirely.

How has ‘The kiss of life’ enhanced you as a writer?

I didn’t know I had it in me to write something about ‘The kiss of life.’ I wasn’t too confident about my abilities of writing a book like that. But after it’s done, I think I have become a tad bit more confident about my writing skills.

What did you enjoy writing ‘The bard of blood’ or ‘The kiss of life’?

I enjoyed writing ‘the bard of blood’ more because it was my own story, whereas ‘The kiss of life’ is more special for me.

Who was your inspiration to get into writing? Or are you a born writer?

I really consider Sir Hussain Zaidi to be my inspiration.

What else do you do like to do other them writing?

Sketching, watching movies, video games.

How do you go about before you start writing a story?

I don’t really have a fixed way of going about. It’s just a matter of developing an idea to a form where it’s fit enough to be a book.

What do you feel is important marketing the book or writing a capturing story?

Writing a capturing story, no doubt. Marketing is secondary. If you have a great book, then marketing enhances it. If you have badly written book, marketing can’t help you.

How would you advice amateur writers to persevere in writing?

Just keep writing. There’s no reason to get demoralized if you believe you’re good at what you do.

We thank BIlal Siddiqi for investing his time with us and for us…

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