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Interview: Hindi poetry flows uninterruptedly

Friends we are glad to have Dinesh Gupta with us today at the Unbeatable Combi blog…

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Thanks. I am Dinesh Gupta ‘Din’ Software Engineer by profession and poet by passion. (Bheetar Ki Gehrai Aur Baahar Ki Tanhaai Ne Shayar Bana Diya). Isse Jyada kya Kahu… Aapki muhabbtaon ne hamko banaya hai

Varna to in aankhon par un julfon ka saaya hai

Uthaye hain kitne sitam ishk men hamne magar

Ye aapki duvaon ka asar hai, Jodard bhi rang laaya hai!

Quickly give us the title and genre of your books and a 30-word or less tagline.

Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun (Perfect Valentine Gift for Your Beloved One)

Meri Aaankhon Men Muhabbat Ke Manzar Hain (Love for a Face and Love for Your Country)

Jo Kucch Bhi Tha Darmiyaan (Collection of Articlic Poetry)

Tell us a little about your cover art. Who designed it? And why did you go with that particular image?

For my latest book “Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun” cover is designed by Sunil Kaushik from Ink Studioz under Author’s Ink India publication. Basically, the idea behind this cover was to represent all aspects of romance like Milan and Judai as book contains poetry on both the aspects of Love.

Can you describe to us your journey into an author of this poetry book?

“Apne Antar Ki Chenta Aur Anubhuti Ki Abhivyakti Bhar Hai Kavita”.

I believe poetry is a spontaneous overflow of deep thoughts. Initially I started writing on my diary, later on I used social media to publish my poetry and I got tremendous response from readers which inspired me to write a book. Although converting myself from writer to a published author from reputed firm was full of struggles as I went through lots of rejections before I got breakthrough. I sent emails to 1000’s of publishers across India and I got response from everywhere that we cannot publish Hindi books as it does not sell well. This is the beauty of poem that a Poet can also write best poem of his Poetic life when he is at the lowest level of his self-confidence and full of frustration.

Jaane kab se jal rahi hai seene men ek aag

Shabd mere syahi men dubne ko betaab

Ab to baras jaao ae bundon aus ki jaara

Isse pehle ki main khud hi me jal kar ho jaaun raakh!

Who was your inspiration in writing poetry?

Initially I was self-inspired as I was aware about creativity inside me but my poetry came into shape and reached to its excellence after watching celebrity poet Dr Kumar Vishvas and continuously following him. He is the one, whose Inspiring story and awesome poetry created zeal in me for poetry.

Which is your favourite poem in this book? Why? (You can also write the poem and give a brief description about it.)

Well all of the poems are my favourite like all kids are equal for a father, still if I have to choose one I will select this:

Shabd naye chunkar geet vahi har baar likhun main Un do aankhon men apna saara sansaar likhun main Virah ki vednaa likhun yaa milan ki jhankaar likhun main Kaise chand lafzon men saara pyaar likhun main!

Reason being I enjoy reading this poem everytime because this is one of my best poems in terms of overall composition like formation, tukbandi, arrangement of words, more message in less words.

What are the themes explored by you in this collection? Tell us something more about the book?

“Kaise Chand Lafzon Men Saara Pyar Likhun” is a collection of beautiful Romantic Poetic Quotes which include all aspects of Poetry like Kavita, Shayri, Geet & Gazals. The only theme of the book is romance as the title says.

Give us an interesting fun fact about this book?

If you ever fall in love, this can be perfect valentine gift for your beloved one. This is quoted by one of leading newspaper of the country.

Who are your favourite poets?

After Kumar Vishvas there are many by whom I am highly inspired: Dr Harvians Roy Bacchan, Dushyant Kumar, Dr Kunvar Baichain, Rahat Indori, Bashir Badra, Professor Vasim Barelvi, Munnavar Rana, Pandit Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Are you working on a new collection?

Not now. I am published author of 3 books, so these days my focus is to increase my reader base rather than increasing the number of books. Yes I have some plan in the future to release more poetry or story collection but it will take time.

What are your other interests other than writing?

Whenever I have free time I love to read books, watch movies, visit natural places and have a chit-chat with friends.

How do you handle both your family and writing?

Well, sometime it is tough but it’s quite manageable if people around you understand your passion and support you. The real challenge for me is to keep the poet in me alive despite of high pressure of being an engineer and that too with a high expectancy job. Still I think I am able to justify with all 3 P’s of my life (Profession, Personal and Poetry).

What would you advice readers of your poetry collection?

Well this is very interesting question I always love to answer. One thing I always say to all of my young readers that “Ishk Likho, Ishk Pado, Ishk Karo, Ishk Jiyo” keeping the country also at the back of our mind. We have lots of burning problems in our country and we need young, dynamic and hot blood to resolve such situations. So utilize your energy in the right place and you will change the future of the country one day. Specially New Writers have to be very responsible and careful with their ink because,

Kalam Ki Takat Hai Ye, Alakh Bhi Jagaati Hai, Aag Bhi Lagaati Hai

Chup Rahe Tab Talak Thik Hai Varna, Jannat Is Jamin Ko Banatai Hai!

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