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Interview: Kamini Kusum

Dear Friends, I take the pleasure to introduce you to Kamini Kusum, the author of “Secrets, Sins and Struggles.” Kamini Kusum is a management professional working with an MNC at Gurgaon. Writing has been her passion right from her childhood. Even though being in corporate world for almost twelve years, she has tried to live her passion as far as she can. Her short stories have been awarded in her organization for its passion and creativity. The issues surrounding women have always been close to her heart and the result is this fiction. She has also written articles on various women centered issues in magazines.

Kamini Kusum, who and what inspired you to write this book?

"Secrets, Sins and Struggles" is about five women who dare, dream, fall, exhaust and then rise like phoenix. The stories about these women are not completely imaginary. These are somewhere or the other inspired by incidences and some real life people along with writer's imagination playing its role. I love strong characters and they have just taken shape in my book.

Why a collection of stories and not a full-fledged novel?

The stories of these five women were struggling to come out on papers from my mind. They all had one theme though the situations were different. They had to come out together. That’s why this collection of five tales of five women.

As you finished writing these stories what were your concerns?

As all other debut authors, I too feared how the book would be received by readers but thankfully people have liked it and I hope the readers would grow in future.

Who are your favourite authors? What in specific do you like about their writing?

Danielle Steel is my favourite author. I like Nora Roberts and Khalid Hosseini too. From Indian breed, I enjoy reading Shobha De, Jhumpa Lahiri and Khushwant Singh. All these have strong characters in their books.

Could you please narrate how you went about writing this collection?

I had started writing this book some five years back. Then, I did some terrific research. For my first story, I walked the red light area of Delhi to visualize how the brothels and their women look like. One of my stories "Madam Bureaucrat" is to a great extent the story of one of my friend coupled with some imagination. I researched a lot about drugs and rave parties. Sometimes I felt as if I had turned an undercover cop researching the grey areas. Overall it has been a great journey. I am happy I wrote something straight from my heart, not following the trend in the market.

How did you decide upon the title of the collection because there are numerous themes in it?

This title was suggested by my Publisher and this is absolutely perfect title according to stories.

What is next in the making?

I have completed almost fifty percent of my next, a novel - An inspirational fiction which has patriotism, struggle and love mingled.

Do you want to say something to your readers?

Yes, if you want to read a fiction that is beyond just love and romance and if you want to get energized with motivation without any preachy philosophy, then "Secrets, Sins and Struggles" is for you.

How would you encourage young and aspiring authors?

Always write what you are best at. No need to follow the successful writers. No need to follow the trend, trendsetters have never done that!

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