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Interview: Karan Patade author of 'When I Speak

Friends, today we have Karan Patade with us at Unbeatable Combi. Karan Patade is a poet, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Pune, he is a Content Developer by profession and a lover of artistic expression. Karan s previous works have been included in books like The Words of Smiths by Wizkonnect, Harvests of New Millennium by Cyberwit and Winged Heart by Earticulate. He is also the creator of I Candy Life, a series of quotes and poems on Instagram.

Karan Patade, could you please tell us something about you? Your profession, your hobby, etc.

I specialize in the field of eLearning. When I’m not working, I spend my time writing, singing and sketching. Very much the next door guy, you might run into me if you’re in Pune.

Why did you think of writing this poetry collection 'When I Speak'?

I had so much on my mind and I felt poetry was what spoke to me, and what allowed me to speak. I spent four years making this book, because I had so much to tell.

The themes you tackle in these poems can be related to easily, why did you feel you ought to write on such themes?

Realizing my sexuality at 12 was an interesting milestone for me, because it also made me curious about taboo and it’s resonance in human life and society.

For years I observed the lives of people, some like me and some far different, yet all baring the name of taboo. Eight years later, I started to write about it.

What were your priorities when you wrote these poems?

To create something that I would be happy with, and others too.

Which of the poems is your favourite? Why?

I wrote about 300 poems before we started editing – 80 favorites made it to the final book.

You have a different kind of style of poetry, how would you explain it and who are your favourite poets?

My work is simple and doesn’t conform to any standard or norm of writing. It evokes a feeling, as opposed to a meaning.

Alan Ginsberg, Emily Dickinson and Rabindranath Tagore – I love their work.

Tell us an interesting fact about this poetry book?

You can get it for as low as 99 bucks on Flipkart – art is priceless!

Doing a poetry collection in India today and getting it published is not an easy task, how did you find this task?

It is not easy indeed, it took me over six months of constant chasing to get one. You got to keep trying.

How do you manage writing and your work? What is your writing strategy?

I was a social pariah for the years that I spent writing my book. I would spend my weekends writing, and sometimes stay up till the wee hours.

What would you advice your readers and upcoming poets?

Keep doing what you love – and express yourself in your truest form.

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