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Interview: Man who drove a book in your pocket

Have you anytime had the desire to carry a book in your pocket and that too, a love story book? Here is Ajitabha Bose fulfilling that desire of yours. He is a mass communication graduate from IMS, Ghaziabad, born and brought up at Jamshedpur, he moved to Delhi for his higher studies. His keen interest in writing made him to blog on Love and in 2013 he wrote his first novella titled, ‘It’s A Love Story’. 

He is the owner of production house which has done commercials for brands like Google, Hindustan Times, Amazon India and Steller. His recently launched novel, ‘The Pocket Love Story’ is the first pocket size (2.5″ X 4″) book in India. It has created a national record of SMALLEST LOVE STORY BOOK certified by India Book of Records and Incredible Book of Records.

He states Rabindranath Tagore to be his inspiration for writing, as he has often heard of him from his mother and read him as well, which is obvious of a Bengali family. His book has opened up avenues for publishing tiny books of such kind.

About the Book

‘The Pocket Love Story’ is a small love story which will make one re-live his or her college days. Ajitabha says, “This book has love, friendship and a sprinkle of humour. If you are a Karan Johar’s movie lover, you will definitely like this book. It hardly takes 30 minutes to read this book.” His language is simple which everyone can easily understand. He further states, “You won’t regret reading this book.”

His Favourites

Ajitabha Bose loves reading love stories and considers Ravinder Singh to be the best in the genre in the nation. He says, “He has a very unique way to depict emotions and love in his writing. My favourite writers are Ravinder Singh and Sudeep Nagarkar. My favourite books are ‘I Too had a love Story’ (favourite among the list), ‘Can love Happen Twice,’ ‘It started With a Friend Request’ and ‘2 States.’

His Plans

After the success of the novel he is now writing a sequel to it and plans also to explore thriller and suspense stories. Ajitabha Bose promptly declares, “I like mysterious stories. I love to read Agatha Christie. She is the best in this genre. I remember reading her books in school library. My school had a lot of her titles.”

For Ajitabha writing is an art which needs proper concentration and imagination. He usually writes in a silent place or when he is travelling. He writes when his heart wants to tell a story although his busy schedule doesn’t permit him to allot time for writing, he makes it a point to write when he wants to. Though small or big, virtue is when you express what you want in economical terms.

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