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Interview: Reading is not a must for writing

Today we are happy to have a bestselling author on Unbeatable Combi that is none other than Anuj Tiwari….

Anuj Tiwari is a popular author of the bestselling books, ‘Journey of two hearts’ and ‘It had to be you.’

Can you tell us something about yourself?

When I was a kid I used to say to my mom that I want to do something different in my life and every time my mom slapped on my face, I was back to my studies. I was 7 at that time.

I have a most dramatic and beautiful family in Bareilly though I have settled in Mumbai after college. I am happy that you don’t see me with my family. My mom and Dimpy aunty (You can find her in my books) are two creatures who have made me something and it took 9 years for them to realize that I wanted to do something different.

You know, life is magical, you never know what happens tomorrow. One moment you are happy, another moment you become sad and sometimes you have to face the worst situations when people are not around. I was in that situation when I just wanted one person or I would say, just one shoulder to release my emotions but I couldn’t find that, and I had to end up picking up pen and start writing.

Hint a bit about your book “It’s not right but it’s okay”.

I would only say in one line – if we have a past that we aren’t particularly proud of, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a promising future. Book is already into bestseller across stores.

It’s not right… but it’s okay is quite different from my previous two books. It is based on a true story about my friends, family and you can find me too in the book but this time it’s a little different.

Tell us a little about your cover art. Who designed it? And why did you go with that particular image?

Actually my publisher can answer that question. But when I received it from the team, I liked it and we locked it. My only concern is to show the title that the book does very well. The cover of my first book was designed by me (first 5 prints) and it became a bestseller in 4 weeks. But for long term your story matters a lot.

Who was your inspiration in writing this novel?

People say you should not tell your weakness but I am happy to share that I am little emotional than others and that really helps me to understand people and life much better than others. You can have a sense of reality in all of my books and that I receive from people around me. They inspire me, I turn them into a book. That’s my strength now.

In a gist can you give us a sneak peek into your novel?

Ha ha ha, never, please read the book.

Who is your favourite character in this novel? Why?

All are my best. I can’t compare because whenever I write I live in the story. As all my books are real stories, so, for me it’s easier to connect people to my books. The characters in the book can’t be forgotten because each one is special and unforgettable.

What are the themes explored by you in this book?

Apart from love, life, family and friendship, there are few intense situations that you should only read in the book.

Give us an interesting fun fact about this book?

Humour and reality.

What would you advice readers of your book?

I’ll make your New Year and Valentine’s Day memorable. I promise you.

Who are your favorite authors?

This is a question that troubles me to answer from last three years. I haven’t read any book till date. There are few reasons behind it:

First excuse: I work with an organization that doesn’t give me chance to read or write.

I visit colleges and universities for events when they invite. So, three full time responsibilities don’t give me time to turn up the pages.

Second excuse: I believe I lose the originality of ideas and skills whenever I pick any book. It’s a human tendency to remember and adopt things, and do such things in our life with the subconscious mind. Yes, it happens especially those who believe that reading is must for writing. No, it’s completely not. That adoption is called copying in other terms. So, I prefer to meet people and take real life experiences because every person has a story and I love to listen to them.

Are you working on a new book?

Not yet, but yes I have few plots in mind and if any of them doesn’t allow me to sleep, I’ll go ahead with that and share with you soon. Hopefully in late 2016.

What are your other interests other than writing?

I love to play guitar, I sing sometimes too. I travel and try to meet people who are struggling for survival but still they enjoy their life. There is a character – Rahim chacha in my second book It Had to Be You whom I met in a same way and he changed my life forever.

How do you handle your family, work, and writing?

I have the most amazing family surrounded by funny people. That helps me a lot to write and manage. I am the craziest person when I am with friends. However sometimes you have to sacrifice things to get something. So personal issues come in between as an author and IT professional, but I can happily manage that.

How can readers know more about you?

I am the most reachable author and you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter or via official WhatsApp.

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