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Interview: Sameer Kumar

Friends we have with us Sameer Kumar the author of 'The origin of Matin Krooger'. Sameer Kumar is a mechanical engineer, presently working as a manager at Tata Steel. For him writing is sometimes a passion and other times an escape he says. Further he adds “I chose fantasy as my first piece as it gives me the liberty to experiment beyond the realms of the world. Where I can be free to write anything.”

Who and what inspired you to write this book?

Frankly, I didn't even realize I was writing a book. At first it was some stupid stories. However, later when I became serious, I wished to dedicate it to the love of my life. So I was adamant to complete it and get it published.

Wow, to dedicate it to the love of your life you wrote the book? But why a Fantasy Thriller, why not anything else?

Fantasy does not know limits. You can experiment your imagination. I started writing in standard 5. That story was a big flop. Then a bits and pieces continued. Finally in standard 9, Martin Krooger happened. It was not even The origin of Martin Krooger, the first one I wrote was Martin Krooger and the cursed sword, Martin Krooger and the demon sea, Martin Krooger and the flying umbrella and what not. It was an escape for me to enjoy a world where I could just be me.

What were your fears as you finished writing this book and how did you tackle them?

I had no idea how to publish. I searched the net but got confused. There were so many options. I didn't know whom to ask and clear my doubts. Those times I had to be patient. That was most difficult. Then started the phase of rejections, every mail read; thank you for your submission, but we do not publish your genre. In India there is not much for a fantasy writer. Not many publish or take risk into it.

Who are your favourite writers in this genre?

Never read any.

Writing this novel has taken nine years, which means a lot of work has gone behind the scenes. Could you please narrate how you went about researching or writing this novel?

9 years were not just consumed in researching but also motivating myself. I was very poor at English, never got good marks. My spoken English was even more drastic. I didn't know whether my piece would be liked. I feared that and kept thinking whether I should write or not. Talking about research, I am a science student and an engineer, so making theories is not that difficult for me. I did not consult any site or any work but introspected myself, as I always think that solutions to all problems are around us. They just need to be found out. So I used to go for long walks and ponder on many questions.

How did you decide upon the title of the novel?

That's a difficult question because I myself do not know. When I started writing in class 9, that time I might have thought on the name Martin Krooger, but today I have no idea why I chose the name. If I talk about, the origin term then actually I wrote the whole novel and then finalized the title. So the origin came eventually as the plot was demanding the title.

What is next in the making? If given a chance what other genre would you exploit?

Next would be part 2 of this novel. I would love to go for love stories, thriller, erotica and fiction.

Do you want to say something to your readers?

It is a message that I have learnt. Almost 90% of people will laugh at you. They have been sent on earth to laugh at you and they are doing their job with utmost respect. You have been sent on earth to live your dreams. Are you living your dream with utmost respect?

As a debutante I'm sure you have some experience about writing and getting it published and the whole process. How would you encourage young and aspiring authors?

Patience is the key. That's all. You need to believe in your work. There is huge competition but believe me the real block in your way is you yourself.

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