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INTERVIEW: Sharada Subramanian The Author of "Make It 2"

Sharada is not your typical Indian new-age novelist aiming to create a next sweet love story. She is a fighter in letter and spirit and takes the reader on a fascinating overdrive of conflicting emotions in her first book, Make it 2. Sharada is a popular blogger and this novel was born on her blog. Writing has been a passion to her ever since her college days. She found freedom in expressing her thoughts through words. Her Tiny Tales series is quite popular on social media. Sharada is known to live life according to her own rules and she wears her soul by her sleeve.

Sharada Subramanian can you tell us something about yourself?

I generally avoid this question even in interviews and this is one reason I attended seldom interviews in life. It is difficult to define who I’m per say. I’m a messed up random perfection looking for ways to be imperfect.

Quickly give us the title and genre of your book and a 30-word or less tagline.

My first book is titled “Make it 2” and it is a new age romance genre handled with passion, a bit of soft erotica and loads of conversational mind games of how each of us deal with love and something like that!

Tell us a little about your cover art. Who designed it? And why did you go with that particular image?

A lot of discussion was had on the cover art and we sealed on this because a lot happens over coffee in the story and I being a coffee addict loved the idea of coffee being the cover image.

Can you describe to me your journey into an author of this novel?

It is rather a very interesting one. It was a sunny afternoon during March 2014 in Noida during a project that I wasn’t very happy being a part of and I randomly started to write about this guy coming to India after a long stint in the U.S and then one led to another and here I’m talking about it as a book!

Who was your inspiration in writing this novel?

Is it allowed to say ‘nobody’?

Well, nobody really inspired me to write this novel. I give all the credit to myself. Narcissistic truth!

Who is your favourite character from your book? Why?

I love Karthik and Priya! They both have such layers in them. I love their intensity and how they react to situations.

What are the themes explored in this novel? Tell us something more about the novel?

I have explored the battles of the mind. How we all are a confused species in our core. I have experimented on how women today perceive love and how they treat it.

Why did you think of writing a novel on this topic?

It is my first and I wanted to make it a happy, feel good one and what better topic than love for that?!

Give us an interesting fun fact about this book?

It is natural for a man and a woman to get physical at some point in a relationship and marriage isn’t really what they look for to get to that stage and I have played on that a bit in this book.

What is your message to the readers of your book?

My message to my readers is please enjoy reading my book and if it has inspired you to write, please do! If it has inspired you to read, please do! If it has inspired you to fall in love, please do! Whatever you do, believe in yourself 100%.

Who are your favourite authors?

I liked how E.L James handled something as complex as BDSM in such a realistic way!

Are you working on a new book/ novel?

In fact, I have just written the first few sentences for my next book. It is a different genre from my first.

What are your other interests other than writing?

Writing takes away most of my time as I write not just for passion but also as my professional job. I love bottle painting, though I’m so bad at it, I still do it. I love being funny and try stand-up comedy at times.

How do you handle both your family and writing?

I have been given the freedom to embrace my passion and hence balancing is never a struggle!

Sharada Subramanian blogs at

You can tweet her at @palghatiyer

Her Facebook page is

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