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Interview: Simanta and Sushmita Das

Simanta Das, is an adept sportsperson, a Tennis freak with a highly creative mind, a mind that can make up stories out of literally anything. Born to a bureaucratic and renowned family of Cuttack, Odisha, Simanta, though an Advocate by profession, has always been an integral part of the sports arena. Being a perfect Leo, simple things of life fascinate him more. For him “simplicity doesn't weave into a complex web.”

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Sushmita S Das is presently based at Cuttack Odisha. Apart from being an educator in English, she has multifarious interests especially in the creative field. Her academic degrees are diverse along with other diploma in Journalism and Interior Designing. She has worked as a freelancer in both fields. She loves art, reading, painting, handwork and music. Her greatest passion is to play with words in any mode of communication which has inspired her to write and anchor on stage. She has a collection of poems to her credit. Her first novel ‘The Foreplay of Providence’ was published in 2015.

She loves to spend time with her students as she believes it gives her a chance to relive her childhood and keeps her motivated and vibrant. She romances the nuances of nature, believes in simplicity and regards reciprocality.

What made you to write this book, ‘The Tough Gets Going’? Who or what was your inspiration?

Simanta - During our days of Round Tabling, I had come across a vibrant character who was on a perpetual high and extremely passionate about life. I was so fascinated by his persona that I instantly decided to make him part of my story if I would ever pen one. The story was visualized instantly, but unfortunately I couldn't pursue with it.

Sushmita - Two decades down memory lane, I was simply fascinated by the storyteller's storyline and urged him to write. Though I was always into writing, yet could never muster up courage to publish anything. So I asked my hubby to get it authored by somebody else. But the storyline remained encased in my memory only to be recollected in solitude.

Years later, after the publication of my maiden book 'The Foreplay of Providence', my mind was tossing around 'What next?' Suddenly, the long lost story flashed in my inward eye and I ventured down memory lane trying desperately to recollect it. Unfortunately, I failed to retrieve it properly. Thus, I pestered my husband to narrate it once again. His astonishment knew no bounds when I expressed my desire to pen it, though there was much happiness in the glitter of his eyes. That's how the book came into existence.

How was your process of writing alongside your busy schedule of work?

Sushmita - It was certainly very difficult especially when our schedules had to sync. Since the storyline was my husband's, I had to depend on his schedule to know the flow of the plot and then develop in my accord and pen it.

What are the various themes you have tried to explore in this book?

Many a times, we have been afflicted by the unanswered queries regarding the unforeseen happenings of life. How Providence decides life and entraps the puny mortals in its clutches, making humans go through the meandering journey betwixt the twists and turns, where some savor the ride, whereas some fall prey to the quagmire of sorrow and despair, even relinquishing on failing to defy or combat the elusive and enigmatic play of Providence.

Coincidence is a divine plan in disguise which has always baffled me...

This strong phenomenon happens as if to derail humanity, and humiliate it for its inability to comprehend the world around itself – for coincidence defies logic; it defies probability; it defies the principles which humans have established to slightly understand the absurdity of events. But what’s actually debasing is that coincidence does not give one consolation to accept any occurrence as it is, for coincidence cannot be solely believed…

I developed the storyline based on these two themes which have always intrigued me.

Why according to you is this book different from other books in the market?

The story gives a deeper insight into the truths of life which often baffle the puny mortals and thrust them into a quicksand. It unveils the many unanswered questions that haunt the human mind. In spite of everything, life the most sinister felon goes on never missing a chance to bestow humans with their share of mirth and misery. Most importantly the readers can connect to the characters which are more realistic than virtual.

This is the first time I come across a couple coming together and writing a book, how was the experience? Would you like to share anything in specific that went between you both regarding the making of this book?

Sushmita - I would like to sum it up with a a one-liner - "The Tough Gets Going" is my husband's brainchild and I nurtured it. Thus we faced all the teething problems and the challenges together to make our baby come into existence.

What according to you must an aspiring writer keep in mind, with regard to writing?

Sushmita - All I can say is one needs to have the passion for writing, needs to love the subject. I believe that any good writing should have music in it so as to sound good to the ears, that will strum the chords in one's mind and leave an everlasting effect.

After having written the book, how was the process of publishing? Was it easy or difficult?

Publishing was not difficult because of the help and support extended by BlueRose Publishers. The team made our journey very smooth.

Name one of your favourite writer’s and what you liked in his or her book.

Sushmita- I am a voracious reader but I am greatly influenced by the writing of Khalil Gibran.

Would you like to share with us your next venture?

Our next venture is already in the making... Suspense suspense suspense!!! Just wait for it .... Till then...Syonara...

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