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INTERVIEW: Thashneem Sunil

Thashneem Sunil was born and brought in Tamil Nadu. It is her marriage which brought her to the Silicon City, Bangalore. She is an Assistant Professor in Ramaiah University. She has specialised in Food and Beverages and the same she loves teaching in the college.

She utilizes her leisure time to write articles, blogs, pencil sketching & painting. Above all she spends her free time to understand the concern arising in the country and apply the same in her novels. Sometimes, she also tries writing an article stating the solution to the social concern.

Why did you think of writing this novel '...And tomorrow comes another day’?

When I started writing this story, I had only one thought in my mind; to give a message to the society. That is when I did a tiny research to understand the problems hindering a good relationship. The result was '....and tomorrow comes another day'

The themes selected are peculiar in character, why did you include such themes? What went before getting these themes into your novel?

We talk about a rape incident, for e.g., we only find the answer to questions like how, who, why and when. None of us think about the life of a victim after a rape. Few times it leads to death of the victim but many times she lives her life with great struggle. Same way, a man would break down into pieces when he comes to know that his wife is a call girl. Likewise I have seen youngsters who get too depressed when it comes to a break up or a love failure. My only aim was whoever reads the book should close it with light heart, smile in the face and understand that everything in life happens for a good reason.

What is your concept of 'Marriage'?

Marriage is not a fairy tale where one gets married to the charming prince and lives happily ever after. It is a long path which consists of roses and thorns; if a lady and man accept to take the path, they should accept the thorns with the roses. That is the concept of marriage according to me.

Which of the characters in the novel is your favourite? Why?

My favourite character in the novel is ‘Shruthi.’ The only reason is she accepts the life as it comes and that makes her stronger. She can overcome any sort of feelings; pain or failure and still stay stronger.

What was your purpose in getting this novel to the readers?

I have come across people or in that case even I used to grumble about tiny disturbances in our life. For instance, less salary, argument with the spouse, tension at work and so on. These are the petty issues which disappear as time passes. This is nothing when compared to getting raped or marrying a call-girl without knowledge. I wish the readers realise that our lives are better in that way and thank the Almighty.

Tell us an interesting fact about this novel as compared to your first novel?

The first novel, 'My Love Never Ends' was a simple and a pure love story. It narrates the happiness and the pain which one would realise in their love life. '...And tomorrow comes another day' includes all kinds of social concerns which arise in the circle of relationship and it also narrates how it has to be handled to lead a beautiful life. In a nutshell, the first novel tells 'love is beautiful'; the second novel tells 'it is in one's grasp to make life beautiful'

Writing a novel and getting it published is not an easy task, how did you find this task?

I would really thank Aniket Kapoor, Authors’ Ink Publishers who made my job easy and helped me in getting my book published. Writing the story, as you mentioned, it was a tough job as I have to find time to sit down with a paper and pen. However difficult it was, same time, it went on smoothly as penning down my thoughts is my passion.

How do you manage writing and family? What is your writing strategy?

I toggle between work, writing and my family. In fact, my family understands my schedule, so in that point I never had to worry about. Between work and writing, yes, it was slightly difficult to find time. Many times I used to start writing once I finish the dinner, probably around 9.30 p.m. and it would go on for 2 -3 hours.

What would you advice your readers and upcoming writers?

To readers: There are many sayings which state that one lives several lives while reading, so get my book to get a chance to live many lives.

To writers: 'Writing is a powerful tool'. Pen down your thoughts and please keep in mind the social responsibility you have, so as to uplift the young generation.

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