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Interview: Wedding planning! do it, if you have a passion for it

When you have a dream, I guess you must pursue it, day in and day out. One cannot turn out to be successful right at the start, but success will happen gradually. Just like how it is happening to Komal Khaparde who pursued her dream of managing events, an industry known to be male dominated by starting ‘Diakon Events’ a year ago on 27th August 2015, and celebrating its glorious anniversary this year. She is a splendid wedding planner no doubt.

Her gender didn’t keep her aloof, her passion and love for it, helped her to climb the zenith of success. Upon asking how she felt that she had a different calling, she said, “I just wanted to be a part of this industry after my schooling. But it is when I was doing my MBA, I choreographed a fashion show which turned out to be grand success.” She wasn’t alone while taking this affirmative step. “My parents supported me immensely as they felt that I had extraordinary aesthetic sense and great love for what I did then,” she says with gratitude in her heart for her supportive parents.

She considers herself fortunate as she is assisted by Denzil Pritto who is the CEO and co-founder of ‘Diakon Events.’ “He manages most of the production and I manage most of the marketing and friendly chats with brides and bridegrooms,” she giggles stating her outgoing nature, getting in touch with her clients. She is not just doing business but also connecting two families, she holds this as a very important responsibility to get the two families acquainted with one another, to entertain each and every guest. “At a wedding, everything has to be set perfectly in place so that nothing goes off hand. It involves lot of coordination, communication and cooperation. One has to be part of the family as if someone of your own is getting married. Therefore I discuss with my clients, a friendly chat rather, as to how and what the process will be etc. I try to make this experience the best one for them. And since I am a girl, the bride (in most cases) is able to confide in me and express their mind clearly,” says Komal quite convincingly.

She has so far done more than 24 weddings, along with corporate events, birthday parties, and spinster parties. She along with Denzil, has tie-ups with beauticians, florists, and other vendors when it comes to production. Everyday is beset with its own uncertainties, so this journey hasn’t always been so smooth for them but in all these moments Komal Khaparde has seen her parents; Mr. Vinod Khaparde and Mrs. Mamta Khaparde, at the back and call, assisting her that she may not have a drastic fall.

She is a girl full of confidence and calibre, ready to face future challenges and much more than her capabilities deliver. Inspired by her energetic father and her working mother, she gives her first priority to her family leaving aside everything else. She is a model to upcoming talents whom she advices to tap the market, especially wedding planning, if one feels that it is one’s passion and incorporate discipline in it, so that one is able to deliver the best to the clients. She says, “Go ahead, do it only when you love it the most and not just for money.”

She desires in the near future to explore destination wedding planning, will she be able to? Her future will decide, even you can decide by planning your wedding at a destination with her help.

Contact: Komal Khaparde +919096064173 / +919764683204

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