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Interview: Writing takes you far

“Nothing can stop you to become a writer” says Kirtan Maharana an employee of the Central Government of India. Much to his services to the country he through his debut work offers youngsters pearls of wisdom through the novel “3 Legs – A permission to Love”.

Kirtan Maharana hails from Odisha and is very busy person serving the nation in the best way he can. Amidst his busy schedule he takes off sometime to pick the book from his pocket and jot down some inspirations that strike his mind during the course of the day. The novel he describes is a “Navodaya story” as it is set up in the Navodaya Residential School. The story brings to the fore themes like; journey, happiness and sadness, struggle of life and survival of the fittest etc.

Kirtan Maharana states, “I never dreamt to write a book until my friends advised me to do so.” He considers himself a translator of thoughts. He doesn’t have a proper table or a laptop to jot his ideas, but considers the different types of people around him as an inspiration. The book has been published by one of the first publications from Odisha, Dream House Publications spearheaded by renowned entrepreneurs Prince Simson.

Upon asking Kirtan Maharana on what he prefers best marketing or writing, he vehemently notes, “it is because of writing that i have captured hearts.” Kirtan loves to write stories that touch the heart and more so real stories. He reveals that the novel itself is kind of a biographical story. Kirtan is now working on another book highlighting a social taboo. It may take time to write a novel but Kirtan is weaving his stories from real life experiences just like he enjoys writing he enjoys living every bit of his life.

His debut novel “3 Legs – A permission to Love” is a bestseller as more than 3000 copies of the book has been sold and umpteen have reviewed the book as realistic and sensible journey of life jotted down in words by Kirtan Maharana.

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