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Jasdeep Explores Different Genres

When you read 'Snippets' by Jasdeep Singh you know that it is written with great expertise and that the author is certainly a literature lover. Jasdeep Singh through this collection of Short Stories brings to the table his expertise in observing keenly the subtle things in life and exploring them in their entirety.

Jasdeep Singh touches upon varied themes that we grapple with all the time. Especially when we are living in a war-torn world, Jasdeep addresses the futility of hatred. He also convinces us that there is a greater divide between the elite and the poor and that the elite are trying to be superficial.

Humanity has always found itself at odds when it comes to comprehending what justice actually means. Jasdeep through his stories tries address this theme too. The systemic failure of certain institutions in the country is also deliberately dealt upon elaborately by the author.

Romance also is touched upon. Jasdeep through the writing of these short stories proves that he can handle any genre and that he can do justice to the tropes that he has managed to use in each of the stories. The language is judiciously used and glues the reader to the end. The cover of the book explores the inside of the book.

If you like Short Stories that make you think that pick this book which is rightly written for you.

You can purchase the book HERE

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