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Keeping Ourselves Sane

It is almost four months we have heard and lived with the word coronavirus. It must be the highest used word all over the world. Can I say literally everyday I say or think about the word and the disease? It is mentally exhausting and challenging for most of us, especially the frontline workers. Dr Edwin, who has tirelessly worked along with his team to set up protocols to fight the virus, the nurses, and the other staff need more relaxation than us. Probably allowing them some respite from work would keep them away from the sound of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the intensive testing, we are doing we notice the number of cases hardly relenting. Everyday we check the newspapers the number is only increasing but at the same time, there are people equal and more getting cured of the virus. Sadly few have lost the battle and returned to their heavenly abode. We pray for them and we take lessons from their bravery to fight this battle with more courage and dynamism.

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What do I do then to keep myself sane? Keeping in mind the protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, and following healthy sanitization methods, we ought to focus on the work at hand. This pandemic has left many of us jobless, those working here and those working abroad. But we shouldn’t lose hope and look for creative ways of fending ourselves with utmost care. Care is the most important thing. Dr Randeep Guleria while talking to NDTV said that there is a risk to move out of the house, but with the utmost care, it is possible to avoid the virus and get our works done. Obviously, he was talking about the recent examinations they conducted successfully without any problem.

The presence of plants and flowers around us keeps us energized. The beautiful creation breathes life into us. Nature teaches us a lot many things, we need to observe and learn from. Goa is blessed to have good rains due to which we see the wonderful stretch of greenery surrounding us. To wake up to the sound of the chirping birds and the rays of the sun peeping through the tiles of our house is a blessing par excellence. Therefore, gardening is something that should also keep us sane. Nurturing the nature around us as co-creators should help us build a divine rapport.

The dying art of reading and exchanging books needs a revival. If we are alone the best companion we can have is a book. We can be transported to places we haven’t visited so far and probably make a list of it, to visit sooner the pandemic bids us goodbye. We can meet and greet varied characters the authors introduce us to and grow with them, understanding and grasping their journeys of life. Because we know that literature imitates life and life imitates art. Pick up a book you should be interested in and read a page a day or how much ever you want. If you do not find anything interesting to pick, pick up the scriptures; the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran, or the Bhagavad Gita. These scriptures are a source of stories and interesting anecdotes for life. Whether you want to know about a plague or love, you name it and you have it, all written in the scriptures. As you read, you can also pause and pray. Pray for yourself and the people around you. Writing also can pilot you to various destinations. Those who love writing can start jotting down your thoughts. Writing; can be a healing process and can give vent to your deepest feelings.

Entertaining oneself is also a must during these times. You can entertain yourself by playing interesting outdoor games (with protocols maintained of course); football, cricket, basketball, and volleyball, and indoor games can also be of help as long as they make your body move. Dance is entertaining because it moves your body and relaxes your mind, do some Zumba dances. Go for a walk if advisable. Watch some lovely movies on TV or other streaming platforms. There are many other games which you can play with your smartphones, but advisable if they help you relax. Listening to music and playing different musical instruments can not just entertain us, but give our mind and body the melody that is just needed.

Food is what we all like to eat. Given the times, we need to eat healthy healthily. Many seem to experiment with cooking different dishes, that’s a great start. Go back to your old aged parents and find out some yesteryear recipes and try them out too. You never know when it can come handy to you. You will be blessed with a technique and a secret recipe. Many recipes of the past have been forgotten and they can be revived now since we are confined to our homes and have plenty of time at hand. Drink juices that can replenish your soul. And finally, keep away from bad blood and take sufficient rest. After the day’s miracles that happened to you, you need to give your body the relaxation that it needs. We need to hold ourselves sane and positive until we find ourselves victorious in the present battle.

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