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Knock Knock The End Time

We always say that the pandemic has taught us a great deal. But did it really?

Undoubtedly the pandemic has given all of us varied experiences that we live with. Karanvir Gupta trades us through those experiences. He also draws our attention to the impending survival issues of the human race. In the name of survival human being has gone to the extent of being corrupt and killing the other too. Karanvir Gupta blows the trumpet and makes us realize that the pandemic was here to teach us a lesson even if we are trying to ignore it at the present.

To make this experience of reading the book creative the author adds poems and statistics to make his point clear. If you have read Homo Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harrari you will find this book a bit odd but isn't there a truth about existence that we have either failed to understand or are making sense of day by day. None of us have reached the absolute but atleast attempts to understand and explore life are made. Some of these perceptions and discoveries shape us thought processes. Karanvir for sure does that.

The author posits rethorical questions that make us deeply reflect and introspect ourselves. The author wins at it because when I was reading the book his every word made an impact on my mind. It made me realize that the world that we are living in is not ours to be selfish and greedy about. None of possessions we behold and treasure do we carry along with us.

With 'The End' Karanvir starts an era of transformation that we need to see in humanity. He starts a tradition of contemplation which is very much necessary in life. The language of the author is superb and the cover is simply catchy.

If you are more of a thinking person and want to be a change maker than this book is certainly for you.

Purchase the book HERE

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