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‘Lucky Hank’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Hank End Up In Jail?

The fourth episode of “Lucky Hank” begins with Hank’s wife, Lily, having an intuition about Hank either ending up in jail or a hospital before she gets back from New York. Her statement rules your mind as a viewer as you start thinking of what could possibly happen to Hank to land him in jail or the hospital. You start assuming that maybe there could be a fight between him and his father, who wants to come and stay with him, or maybe there could be a possibility of a conflict between him and his colleagues at work due to the list the dean has requested Hank prepare.

But none of these things happen to Hank, though he does end up in jail. This episode proves that Hank, unlike other department heads, is courageous enough to take a stand for his faculty members. Thus, you notice him not making a list of professors to be terminated from their jobs at Railton College. By not making a list, he was standing up for his professors as well as making a statement for the authorities to understand that there is a real difficulty for the professors if they are completely removed from their jobs.

Does Hank Expose Dickie Pope?

Dickie Pope invites Hank to his office as he finds that he has not yet submitted the list of faculty that need to be terminated from their jobs. Hank states that by not submitting the list, he has acted as an outstanding professor and that he has no reason for not handing over the list. But then Pope reminds him that he is an accomplished professor and department head who is missing an opportunity. Preparing a list would mean that Hank will be able to get rid of the professors who aren’t doing great in college, and it will, in turn, help bring up the standard of the department. Hank still doesn’t agree with Pope and therefore argues against it.

Paul Rourke, on the other hand, assumes that Hank went to meet Pope to submit the list, and he says it would have been better if the list had been submitted after having met the faculty and getting their opinion as this would help with a strategy session with Leslie of the Union. Rourke also lectures Hank as to how community action fails because of people like Hank who undermine the union.

All the same, Hank misses his wife, who has gone to Arlyle School for an interview. Lily meets Tom at Arlyle, and he explains to her how the school is digital, and everything is virtual, from books to classes. He also explains to Lily how every choice they make at the school is backed by thorough research. Tom also hopes that Lily will excel in the interview, get the job, and become his colleague. Simultaneously, Hank continues to think of Lily’s words about him ending up in jail or a hospital. Nonetheless, the faculty members of Hank’s department strategize how to make a statement and pass the message to the administration that they are not happy with the decision to cut jobs. Leslie informs them that if the English Department unites, then there will be other departments that will accompany them who are actually looking up to the department, not because of their leadership, but because if they can still come together amidst their differences and raise their voices in protest, then it will definitely work.

In a conversation with Jeffrey Epstein, Hank comes to know that Dickie Pope is paying a certain amount, which he would save by cutting jobs to build the Jeffrey Epstein Center, and therefore gets really upset about it. Thus, during an event at Railton College to introduce the venture with Jeffrey Epstein, Hank, while just acting as though he is fighting with a goose, exposes Dickie Pope and his intentions. Which is then accompanied by protests and slogans by his department’s faculty and others. Hank and his department faculty are overjoyed that they were successfully able to make a point, and it was all started by their able leader, Hank.

‘Lucky Hank’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Why Does Hank End Up In Jail?

Hank’s department is excited that their leader supported them and never submitted a list to the administration. Therefore, they arrange a party together. Hank isn’t aware of it, but he, too, is with his friend at the same restaurant, and thus, when Rourke notices him, he invites him to join them. Thus, Hank joins the faculty and has a fine time with his colleagues.

Lily joins Tom and Ashley at a restaurant, where she remembers her past and has a great time with them. But then later, Lily is kissed by Tom, and she doesn’t appreciate him, stating that she is married and has a husband. She expresses her disappointment in Tom’s action and therefore leaves the get-together. Lily is no doubt confused about her feelings, and one can notice it when she moves out of the restaurant.

As Hank and his faculty rejoice over their accomplishments together, they request Gracie read one of her minimalistic poems, and thereafter they have their small talks and enjoy the evening. While both Hank and Lily miss each other, they express their whereabouts and the different happenings of the day through voice chats. Hank asks Lily why she decided not to return and suddenly think of taking a later train, but he doesn’t force her to answer the question. Hank is suspicious, but he then continues to be entertained by his department faculty and not worry too much about Lily and her choices.

In the meantime, Hank and his prank, which turns out to be a challenge for the Railton College authorities, are shown on television by a news channel, which makes the whole team get drunk with excitement. But Hank and his friend, after having drunk a lot, decide to leave and return home. But Hank meets the man whom he met at Railton College and who likes geese. The man gets angry at him for acting smart and making fun of the geese. So he beats Hank, and therefore the fight starts between them, which becomes the reason why Hank ends up in jail that evening, thus bringing Lily’s fears to fulfillment.

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