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‘Lucky Hank’ Episode 5: Recap and Ending, Explained: Are Issues Between Lily & Hank Resolved?

We are in the fifth episode of "Lucky Hank," and Hank is trying to make peace with the daddy issues that he is going through, considering the eighties to be a misery. When he looks at his father's clock, he is reminded of how he considered the clock to be his friend who made him forget all the arguments that happened in the house. Thus, he decides to keep it in his house. On the other hand, Lily gets the job at Arlyle School but is confused about whether to take it or not after thinking about her husband.

Hank and Lily host a dinner party, which will actually reveal a lot about the different people invited to the party. Hank expects some of his colleagues who will turn up for the party to break down and cry about their lives, with some revealing embarrassing and personal sides of themselves. As the episode unfolds, you will not be surprised to see Hank embarrass his wife and make one's personal life an open book for everyone to judge and pass comments. Unable to control himself, he confronts his wife in front of everyone present and reveals whatever is going on between them. You also see him sobbing toward the end of the episode after behaving immaturely before the guests.

Why Does Hank Bring Up Lily's Ex-Boyfriend Tom In Their Conversation?

Tom excitedly breaks the news to Lily that she has passed the interview and got the job offer. But Lily isn't keen enough to leave her husband behind and take up the lucrative job in New York. Nevertheless, when the guests arrive for the dinner party that Lily and Hank have hosted, they congratulate Lily on getting the job but talk amongst themselves when they learn that Lily hasn't considered it. Hank's colleagues seem to be hinting at something else when they try to force Lily to take up the job in New York. They are either thinking well of Lily, or they want Hank out of their way and a new chair for themselves.

Lily is considering possibilities; she would want to take the job immediately if there were no obstacles, but she notices that Hank isn't stable and therefore doesn't want to accept the offer. Lily also doesn't share with Hank what happened between her and Tom. She completely denies the fact that Tom kissed her and that the kiss meant something to him. Lily perhaps is reminded of her past with Tom and therefore doesn't want to take the offer, thinking that it will only make her fall prey to Tom and that there could be some difference and distance that may occur between her and her husband. Even if Tom kissed Lily by mistake, Lily should have informed Hank about it, but she decides to keep it a secret.

Amidst this hullabaloo, Paul Rourke and his wife think of buying Hank's property, as they see beautiful scenery and a lake view from the house. While Paul's wife doesn't push it, Paul is adamant about purchasing the property from Hank. It almost looks like Paul wants everything that Hank owns, from his property to the post that he holds at Railton College, because if Hank is de-chaired, the next in line is Paul.

Meanwhile, Gracie gets super excited as she receives the text that she is soon going to be published in The Atlantic. Tony, Hank's friend, flirts with June, losing control of himself. To make things worse, Hank reads the messages from Tom to Lily and is therefore aggravated. Lily attempts to explain to Hank whatever happened between Tom and her, and although Hank listens and agrees that it is nothing, he is unhappy about what happened between Lily and her ex-boyfriend. Just like a stew boiling over, Hank is heating up from within and waiting to explode.

Although Hank doesn't mean to appreciate Lily for getting the offer, he does raise a toast in admiration. And immediately, the department's faculty started raising questions about whether Lily would take up the job and whether Hank would accompany her to New York. Except for Billie, the rest want Hank to be gone with Lily. Paul suggests that Hank is a writer, and thus he would survive anywhere. Gracie adds that one can be in the city and be inspired to write a poem or two. June, being realistic, asks an authentic question about the chair: whether it will go to the next person in rotation or whether they will have to vote again. Anxious about the situation, Hank informs his daughter Julie that her mother is planning to leave them for New York. And when Julie comes home to ask her mother, that's when Lily gets upset, and without considering Hank's opinion, she decides to take the offer. Thus, there is a solid discussion on and off by Lily to sell the plot to Paul, with Hank interfering in between and suggesting otherwise. Hank also makes it very clear that he would not leave the place even if Lily wanted to. To distract themselves from the heated discussion, they decide to play a game, and through it, Lily bluntly tries to hurt Hank. Nevertheless, Hank understands that he has been wrong the whole time and then comes to Lily, requesting that she take the job and saying that they will both make this work. June and Paul share about their long-distance relationship to convince Hank and Lily that theirs will work, too, despite the distance between their places of residence. But Hank also feels cheated by Lily for her not telling him what happened between her and Tom. Therefore, he brings Tom again and again into their conversation to remind her of the mistake she made.

'Lucky Hank' Episode 4: Ending Explained - Are Issues Between Lily & Hank Resolved?

The constant taunting by Hank aggravates Lily, and therefore their relationship seems to be on the rocks. When Lily accepts that she has committed a mistake by not informing Hank about Tom's kiss, she truly regrets it and apologizes to Hank. She also knows for sure why she wants to take the job she is being offered. But Hank is adamant about teasing her and putting her to shame in front of his department's faculty. He makes suggestions constantly to remind Lily that she is responsible for making him feel rejected. Hank goes to the extent of asking Lily whether she has any old boyfriends where Arlyle School is located, which makes things worse. Hank doesn't stop there; he questions Lily about Tom's wife and further reiterates that he will not leave the place.

Hank takes everything so personally that even moving out of the place they stayed makes him think that it is about him, and he starts sobbing bitterly. He thinks that Lily wants to take the job because she is bored with Hank. He links the whole situation to the time when his father abandoned him and left. He hasn't reconciled with the past yet, and thus, the relationship between Lily and Hank gets worse. He hasn't reconciled with it because he hasn't talked about it because his mother told him not to.

When we suffer within ourselves about a memory, we need to bring it up in a discussion; we need to share it with someone confidential. We need to open our minds and hearts and share our hurt feelings with someone who will show concern and care. Sharing makes us feel better; sharing makes us feel wanted; sharing helps us get rid of the feeling of rejection; and sharing lets lose our burdens. Therefore, it is important to open up about the negativity that we sometimes hide deep within.

"Lucky Hank" in this episode addresses these darkest fears of a human person, giving importance to mental health. It also makes it significantly important to give special attention to people who are going through the emotion of rejection. Hank has Lily to support him no matter what happens, and they go to bed together, considering that everything will change for the better the next day. In married life, when doubt arises, it is best to stay calm and quiet and love one's spouse more than ever. When one doesn't receive the love that one desires, perhaps she or he searches for it elsewhere. Even when one goes astray for any reason in married life, which since we are humans is bound to happen, one can always be forgiving towards one's spouse. Forgiveness can help build families and hold marriages together. As Hank and Lily retire to bed, it seems that they will make attempts to resolve issues between them.

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