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Meet Funny Girl Emilina

Emilina Rebello with 31k subscribers in just 8 months has proven that anything done with dedication, hardwork, and sincerity gets rewarded. After having realized her calibre she took on to YouTube as her platform to express her humour and observations which she says comes to her naturally. “I feel blessed and overwhelmed,” she says, after seeing the increase in the number of subscribers to her channel, ‘Onlyemilina’ launched in April 2020.

Emilina comes up with new videos every Sunday “I create videos to make people happy,” she says proudly. Although she was inspired by Lily Singh and Gary Vee at first, there are many others who are her motivation, like her parents, cousins, and family, and most importantly her go-to person, Moses J Saldanha, a globetrotter based in Goa who also is a YouTube content creator. She wanted to be a YouTuber when she was studying in the 11th Standard and after her graduation, she felt that this is the best time to give it a start. YouTube as a platform is the most difficult but highly rewarding in comparison to other platforms.

“You have to be consistent,” she affirms, but "because she believes that if a YouTube content creator is consistent, YouTube believes that you are serious about the job and therefore it recommends your videos to others to watch.

“Sometimes if I am late, I start getting messages or comments on random videos of mine,” says Emilina who feels responsible as her viewers wait for her videos every Sunday. “There is this core audience that I have, that will support me, no matter what content I put out,” she establishes.

Emilina does a lot of research before creating her videos. To keep in touch with her audience she goes live two-three times a month. Secondly, the first 30 minutes after posting her video she tries to respond to every comment that she gets. And thirdly, everyday she tries to respond to the direct messages that encourage her or give suggestions to better her content. She also states that she gets a lot of hate, “But I do not want to focus on that” she remarks. At the same time, she is open to feedback and constructive criticism.

The audience of her YouTube channel is primarily Goan or Konkani-speaking. Therefore you will find her videos made in both languages Konkani and English. “I start writing scripts, and whichever makes more sense to me and whichever I think would be well received, I will go ahead with that,” she says adding that her process of overcoming the creative block is to change the format once in a while.

After being a sensation on YouTube she wants to become a rapper and a Stand-up Comedian. Being a Goan she feels that at times she wasn’t encouraged for what she was good at, and therefore with this creative endeavour, she wants to put out a message to every girl in Goa to be inspired by her. “To speak out whatever they want, if they want to do a YouTube channel just go and do it. If they want to go on Instagram and start blogging, just do it. They should know that they can do what they want to do,” She encourages further saying, “One should know what one’s interest is from within. Imitating someone else will be of no help. Doing what one wants to do when there is time is important so that one doesn’t regret not accomplishing something in their later years."

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