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Pain Doesn't Give A Home But Helps Build One

Whether you belong to our or any other universe, pain is something that we all have to undergo. At times we think we suffer more than the others, the degree might differ but all of us do go through some pain at some point in our lifetime. And it is this pain if handled carefully can strengthen us or shatter us. In a recently released superhero movie, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Tom Holland (as Peter Parker / Spider-Man) suffers the loss of his aunt, Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei), but remembers her words clearly, “with great power, there must also come great responsibility,” that help him to change the world that surrounds him. Although it is hard to believe that it is possible to cure the villains, he tries it with a gadget or chemical compound and succeeds. His pain when channelized in the right manner leads him to do what others would not want him to do.

At first, Spider-Man wants everyone to forget his tarnished identity. He goes to Dr. Stephen Strange for help and he suggests ‘The Runes of Kauf-Kaul’ spell which will erase people’s memories of Spider-Man or atleast who Spider-Man was. Dr. Stephen tries the spell amidst disturbances from Spider-Man, and fails to cast the spell but manages to contain it. But the spell invites the villains of Spider-Man from varied universes to visit the universe that Dr. Stephen and Spider-Man are present in. Their presence is a threat to people although they do not remember who Peter Parker is. Thus, at the request of Dr. Stephen, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man brings them altogether but later realizes that he ought to cure them instead of just sending them back to their universe. And exactly at this time, when he thinks the best, the villains realize that this is Spider-Man’s move to make himself superior and God-like. So they retaliate and aunt May dies, leading Spider-Man sad and upset at the loss.

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Thinking that Spider-Man has failed in this noble attempt Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman (as Michelle Jones-Watson) and Jacob Batalon (as Ned Leeds) decide to press the button of the hypercube representing the caged cosmic energies. But then Ned uses the sling ring to locate Peter Parker but instead calls in the alternate versions of Peter Parker, which were again summoned by the magic of Dr. Strange. Both the versions meet Peter Parker and they exchange ideas and narrate stories about losing their loved ones and how it made them stronger everyday. They also narrate how the loss didn’t allow them to retreat as Peter Parker was initially wanting to do. They made the best use of this pain and served humanity.

The anger of Peter Parker needed to be channelized and that’s exactly what the two versions support him to do. Peter Parker regains courage to cure the villains along with the two versions of himself and they intend to do it at the statue of liberty. The statue of liberty symbolizes the world’s policeman that either keeps the peace or breaks it. In this case, it is certain to bring peace by curing the villains and then letting them retreat to their respective universes. The pain, therefore, needs to be channelized in a proper manner. A positive look at who caused you the pain and why it’s important. The villains due to their egos wanted to achieve godly traits but failed as their end wasn’t right. They gained power and used it pessimistically for their own good rather than for the people. Therefore, they met the fate they deserved. Peter Parker through aunt May is able to see this responsibility of taking care of the villains and curing them. Because what they have become is perhaps not what they wanted. Peter Parker at the advice of his aunt decides to help them save themselves. He utilizes his pain to transform the other’s pain and change them for the better. He is able to nurture the ability to see through the past and correlate it with the present and decipher the future.

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Peter Parker was given a purpose although in between he lost control of it, his two versions reminded him of it. They gave him the courage and motivation he needed to achieve it for himself and the world. At first, he feared that he will become insignificant if everyone forgot who he was, but later he understood that that’s exactly what needed to keep him rooted and moving forward. In the end, therefore, he agrees to Dr. Strange and allows him to cast the spell of the Runes of Kauf-Kaul.

When we become insignificant we realize that we have not achieved as much to consider ourselves great. Our vulnerability, therefore, helps us get rid of our egos that suppress the possibility of plunging into challenging situations and possibilities. Becoming vulnerable to pain doesn’t mean we are succumbing to it. It means we are giving a chance to the pain to better us or perfect us in a way. Although perfection is something that we aren’t certain of.

It is no way home because you are not returning back to your comfort zone, your home. You are returning a transformed being to another state of life where you ought to make your home. And the walk through the path of pain builds that shield that you deserve and desire to hold your altered personality.

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