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Ready Film Script For Sure

BOOK TITLE: You are Being Watched

AUTHOR: Diptendu Chakraborty

PUBLISHER: Notion Press


PAPERBACK: 66 pages

BLURB: A pregnant girl named Piyusha gets murdered in her apartment. Suspicion is in each and every person surrounding her life. Arjun a Casanova and her boyfriend, is he the murderer? Intelligibly he has a clear motive behind her murder.

Rohini, Arjun’s mother never approved of the relationship between Arjun and Piyusha, is she the mastermind behind this murder?

Avnish’s (Arjun’s friend) life is a mystery right from the onset, his mother’s business is taken over by Rohini, and is he behind the murder of Piyusha to take revenge on Arjun and Piyusha.

“You are being watched” tells you the story revolving around the murder of Piyusha and the 7 deadly sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth inherited inside all the people associated with her.

Everyone had a motive for her murder, but who

was the actual culprit,

Let us find out….


A slim novella that you should fall in love with instantly. I finished reading the book in one sitting and I felt that I was almost watching a short film but a very gripping and interesting one.

Usually, when you read a short story or watch a short film you tend to not notice very minute details. But those details actually add colour and masala to the story or the film. I truly feel that the author has been able to capture the reader's attention because of the suspense and the murder mystery he creates. From the start to the finish, and I literally mean it.

From the beginning to the end, you just want to know who is being watched and why the author names the novella so. Aren't we all being watched if you seriously think about it? The CCTV cameras throughout scare us a bit and yet there are instances that happen behind the camera or instances and tragedies that go unnoticed.

The author has fantastically proven that point in this novella and created a work that will remain with you for a moment. Making you ponder about life. You will try to root for Avnish, or sometime Arjun, or sometime Sneha or sometime Piyusha, etc.

Life is interesting and it becomes more fun when there is a tinge of suspense in it!

The cover of the book is spot on, it just watches you!

Read the book and become aware of the world that surrounds you. It is not always positively driven and thus, you ought to set your foot forward with caution.

You can purchase the book on AMAZON click HERE
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